10 Essential & Easy Guitar Chords for Beginners (With Video)

So I decided to Start playing guitar And you are excited to learn some easy Guitar chords for beginners. If you start by looking at an online chord book or chord charts, you will probably find yourself completely confused. There are hundreds of possible guitar chords, but this guide will narrow it down to 10 Basic guitar chords for you.

You’ll need to know how to read a guitar chord diagram to play these strings so if you’re not familiar with how to do it yet, check out This article!

What guitar chords should a beginner learn first?

While you may be excited to start playing all your favorite tunes, it’s important to learn the basics Guitar chords for beginners first. These chord progressions are the easiest to learn and will make you feel confident to engage in more challenges.

In this guide, you will learn about the following keys and their chords:




C, F, G, AM


g, c, d, m, am


D, G, A, Bm7, Em


A, D, E, F# m7, Bm7

If you want to skip reading and move on to playing, check out this video (or come back to it again!):

Key C: Chords C, F, G and Am

These are the top four easy Guitar chords for beginners It will allow you to play most songs in the key of C. The C chord is the major chord in the key:

c chord

After that, file F chord. It can be played in one of two ways. This is the hardest of all the 10 strings on this list because it requires the use of a file Wild.

If you are having trouble making a full font, you may find the first version listed below easier to play.

Here are two types of F chord shapes:

Easy F Barry partial chord

F full chord wildThe G chord is usually played with the following figure:j chordLast but not least, the Am chord adds a bit of color to any chord progression:i chord

Once you learn these four chords, you can play most songs on the C key and with use capo-You can play many other songs. That wasn’t too difficult, was it? Just four strings and you’re already on your way to playing more popular songs.

Here’s a simple C chord pattern that uses all 4 chords so you can practice some practice.

Example of a C . chord pattern

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Key G: Chords G, C, D, Em, Am

You have already learned the G and C chord, so now you only need to learn two more Basic guitar chords To be able to play songs in the G key.

As a bonus, you already know one more chord in the key of G – the Am chord. So learn these two chords and you will be able to play five chords in the key of G!

Here’s how to play a D chord in the key of G:

d chord

here is a file chord pattern In the key of G that uses all five chords. Make this a part of your training sessions until you feel comfortable with the feel of these common tendons.in chord

here is a file chord pattern In the key of G that uses all five chords. Make this a part of your training sessions until you feel comfortable with the feel of these common tendons.

Example of a G chord pattern

Key D: Chords D, G, A, Bm7, Em

Again, we just need to learn two more chords to play the key of D. The first one is the A chord:


Next is the Bm7 chord. Playing a Bm7 is easier than playing a Bm chord and can be used anywhere you see a Bm chord.
Bm7 tendon

Here’s a chord pattern you can practice in the key of D that uses all five chords.

Example of a major chord pattern

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Key A: Chords A, D, E, F #m7, Bm7

Finally, add two more easy Guitar chords for beginners It will allow you to play the key of A. The first one is the E chord:

E chord

Playing an F#m7 chord is easier than playing an F#m chord and can be used almost anywhere you find an F#m chord in a song.
Chord F#m7

This is the chord pattern to practice playing the whole across the fretboard in key A.

Example of a chord pattern

easy Guitar chords for beginners: the main takeaway

learn this Basic guitar chords It will let you be on your way to playing your favorite songs. These final tips will help you while learning the guitar.

  • Remember that anytime you see it Chord with 7 or 9 After that, you can simply run the easiest version. For example, the G7 chord can be played as the G chord without any problems.
  • Most small ropes It can be played either with or without 7. The extended version has a bit more coloration but will usually perform well in a regular chord place. For example, if you see a Bm chord, you can usually play a Bm7 chord.
  • a hanging chord, written as sus or sus4 , can usually be substituted for the regular chord without the comment. Everyone who plays should make that change happen, though. Sometimes the commentary is necessary to match the melody line, so transposition is not always effective.

To help learn these guitar chords for beginners or other skills, consider working with Professional guitar teacher!

What guitar goals do you have? Share in the comments below!

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