10 Korean Dramas You Need to Be Watching in January 2022

It’s time to welcome the new year with all new drama! 2022 brings us new drama to enjoy, and we hope to start the year off right. Let’s see what we should look forward to In the January 2022 issue of “Korean Dramas You Need to Watch”.

This monthly series aims to let you know what’s happening in this amazing world of K-dramas so you don’t miss it Get out for anything! Here is the drama to watch out for in January 2022:


1. Tracer

K-drama Tracking - Im Siwan, Joo Ah Sung, Son Hyun Joo, Park Young Woo

Tracer sounds like a fun drama with revenge, excitement, and a bit of humor. We also have a great crew coming together to make this team.

Tracer is a revenge drama about a new team leader (Im Siwan) in the Seoul Regional Bureau’s Bureau of Investigation and another brave team member (Go Ah Sung).

Tracer premieres January 7th on wavve.

January premiere:

2. The Ghost Doctor

Korean Ghost Doctor Drama - Rain and Kim Bum

Ghost Doctor is a supernatural medical drama about two completely different doctors (Rain and Kim Bum) whose souls and bodies end up together.

Ghost Doctor is set to premiere January 3 on tvN.

3. During the dark

Those Who Read Wicked Hearts K-Drama - Kim Nam Gil

Through the Dark is a crime thriller film about South Korea’s first criminal identifier (Kim Nam Gil) and focuses on the people who hunt down serial killers.

Through the Darkness is scheduled to be shown on January 14 on SBS.

Currently flying in January:

4. Nonsense

When the flowers bloom, I think of the lunar Korean drama - Yoo Seung Ho and Hyeri

Moonshine is set during Joeseon’s most powerful Prohibition Act and centers around an inspector (Yoo Seung Ho) looking to get his family name back, a woman (Hyeri) making alcohol to pay off her debts, and the Crown Prince (Byeon Woo Seok) sneaking out of the palace frequently for drinks.

Moonshine airs Monday and Tuesday on KBS.

5. Snowdrop

korean drama Snowdrop - Jung Hae In and Jisoo

Snowdrop is set in the 80s and tells of a female student Jisoo) at a women’s university who encounters an injured student (Jung Hae In) in her blood-covered dorm and decides to take care of him and help him hide.

Snowdrop Live Saturday and Sunday on JTBC.

6. Bad and crazy

Crazy Bad K-Drama - Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha Joon

Bad and Crazy is about a Madi police detective (Lee Dong Wook) who has another character called “K” awakening in him, which turns him into a champion of justice who fights against police corruption.

The Bad and the Crazy airs Friday and Saturday on OCN.

7. Bulgasal: Immortal Souls

bulgasal korean drama - lee jin wook

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls is about a woman (Kwon Nara) reincarnated many times over the past 600 years who remembers her past life and an immortal creature (Lee Jin Wook) who used to be a human who lives on human blood and seeks revenge on the woman who made him on this way.

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls airs Saturday and Sunday on tvN.

8. The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won

korean drama Taejong Yi Bang Won - Joo Sang Wook

The King of Tears, Lee Bang-won follows Yi Bang-won (Jo Sang-wook) as he helps his father (Kim Young-chul) overthrow the Goryeo dynasty and establish the Joseon Dynasty.

The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won airs Saturday and Sunday on KBS.

9. Artificial city

artificial city korean drama - soo a

An Artificial City is a psychological thriller about the head of an art museum (Soo Ae) owned by a conglomerate who enters into a marriage of convenience with the illegitimate son of the Sung Jin Group (Kim Kang Woo) and tries to make him president. .

Artificial City airs Wednesdays and Thursdays on JTBC.

10. The One and Only

K-Drama For One Person Only - Ahn Eun Jin, Joy, Kang Ye Won

The One and Only tells the story of a terminally ill woman (Ahn Eun Jin) who decides to kill only one bad person but instead meets someone (Kim Kyung Nam) who becomes very important to her.

The One and Only airs on Mondays and Tuesdays on JTBC.

And now you’re about to date,
Other dramas ending in January:

Our beloved summer

Our Favorite Summer K-Drama - Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi

Our Beloved Summer is a romantic comedy about a couple (Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi) who break up, but are forced to get together again after an old documentary filmed together in high school suddenly becomes popular.

Our Beloved Summer airs Monday and Tuesday on SBS.

Viewing window: The Queen’s House

Screening window: K-drama The Queen's House - Lee Sung Jae and Song Yoon Ah

Screenplay: The Queen’s House is about a woman (Song Yoon Ah) who gives support to another woman (Jeon Seo Min) who is involved in an affair, but the relationship turns out to be with her husband (Lee Sung Jae).

Screening window: The Queen’s House airs Mondays and Tuesdays on Channel A.

Let me be your knight

let me be your knight korean drama - lee joon young 2

Let Me Be Your Knight is a love story about a popular boy group whose member (Lee Jun Young) suffers from sleepwalking. A woman (Jung In Sung) posing as a doctor is brought in to help and live in a group housing.

Let Me Be Your Knight airs Sunday on SBS.

red cuff

red sleeve korean drama - Junho and Lee Se Young

The Red Sleeve Cuff is about a court lady (Lee Se Young) who develops a relationship with the Crown Prince (Junho) and eventually becomes a royal concubine.

The Red Sleeve Cuff airs Friday and Saturday on MBC.

Now, we are parting

Now, we're separating K-dramas - Jang Ki Yong and Song Hye Kyo

Now, We Are Breaking Up follows the romance between a modeling team leader (Song Hye Kyo) trying to cash in on her own business and a wealthy freelance photographer (Jang Ki Yong).

Now, We Are Breaking Up airs Friday and Saturday on SBS.

School 2021

School Korean Drama 2021 - Kim Yoo Han, Joo Yi Hyun, Choi Woo Young, Hwang Bo Rum Byul.

School 2021 is the latest installment in a school series that focuses on student lives in a vocational school. Starring Kim Yoo Han and Joo Yi Hyun.

School 2021 airs Wednesdays and Thursdays on KBS.

What drama are you looking forward to or enjoying in January?

Make sure you get busy because there are more dramas coming your way in February!

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