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Valentine’s Day is just one of the many romantic holidays in Korea. It’s a big one though. If you are in a hurry to celebrate your love and need some romantic things to do in Seoul or the best dating ideas in Seoul, you have come to the right place. Couple culture in Korea is out of this world as couples often wear identical clothes and even buy matching underwear. Thus, you can imagine that a romantic holiday like Valentine’s Day is very popular among couples in Korea.

Here’s what you need to know to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Seoul:

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Do Koreans celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day, Seoul, Korea

Yes, Valentine’s Day (밸런타인) in Korea is celebrated on February 14th. It is one of the 12 “Love Day” With one being celebrated on the fourteenth of every month of the year. It is celebrated a little differently than you might expect.

How do Koreans celebrate Valentine’s Day?

In Korea, Valentine’s Day is generally celebrated by women who give out chocolate pies and other sweets to show their love and affection. It is not the best love holiday as it is in most parts of the world. This is then answered by boys gifting candy to the ladies on White Day, FYI.

What is white day?

Valentine's Day, Seoul, Korea

Since boys have all the fun on Valentine’s Day, White Day is a girls’ day. Exactly a month later on March 14, men give many gifts to their women. Basically, if you give your lover some love in the form of chocolates and sweets, he will make up for you on White Day. In fact…not just repay, but multiply what you gave him by 3. The man is expected to abide by the “rule of three” and reciprocate a gift worth at least 3 times the value of the beautiful lady who gave it to him. Also, there should be some eggs involved in gifts as well.

Do my husband and I do this? No, but that’s a thing for some people. Make sure you know what your partner expects.

Romantic things to do in Seoul for Valentine’s Day

Here are some romantic things to do in Seoul if you’re ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

1 Visit N Seoul . Tower

Long considered one of the most romantic places in Seoul, we will start our list of romantic things to do in Seoul with Namsan Tower. Climb to the top of the mountain on the cable car and put your love lock on the fence before climbing to the top for views of the twinkling light. I recommend going early in the evening so you can see the sunset and the lights go out over the city. If you want to foster romance while you’re there, you can also dine at N Grill which is a great French restaurant with a 360-degree view of Seoul.

2 Watch a movie in a reclining bed

CGV Cinema, Seoul, Korea
Image source: CJ CGV’s website

Have you heard about movie theaters with family yet? Enjoy the luxury of Valentine’s Day and reserve seats and beds at one of the luxurious theaters in Seoul. CGV has a few Cine De Chef theaters across the city. Go to CGV . website Find the theater closest to you with open seating and experience a romantically reclining movie theater.

3 Get drinks and a room at Ryse Hotel in Hongdae

One of the city’s favorite bars, Tokki Bar is a small, hidden bar in the Ryse. Look at the black wall, try to find the door, go into a dark corridor and you will reach the bar. This is a great place that serves great cocktails paired with American style Italian food.

Tabuk: 130 Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul (130 Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul)

Book: You don’t need to reserve seats at the bar, but you should definitely plan a fun night at the Ryse. The rooms are great. Make a reservation at the Ryse here.

4 Make your own couple rings

Custom Ring Making, Hongdae, Seoul, Korea
Image source: Trazy.com

Go all-Korean style and make your own couples rings…or bracelets, or necklaces. Create a personal or symbolic piece of jewelry to share your love with each other. Visit a department store in Hongdae and you can craft a piece using the fine silver and plating options available.

5 Take a ride on the wine train

korean wine train

If you have a full day and want to do something fun, check out this very interesting wine train ride. I took wine train years ago And I loved him. The trains have already been updated since we went and are much sleeker now. It’s fun anyway.

6 Drink champagne at the bar 81

Bar 81 claims to have the largest champagne collection in Asia and already has a large list. Enjoy the views of Seoul from the Lotte Sky Building, the tallest building in Korea, while sipping on a fine wine. The views are amazing, and if you just want to stay in, you can too Reservation of a room at the Signiel. We have stayed twice which is great. Call ahead to reserve a table at Bar 81 if you’d like a window seat.

  • for more information: To see how our experience was and recommendations from the General Manager, check out this post at bar 81.
  • Tabuk: Lotte World Tower, Floor 81, Olympic Floor 300, Songpa-gu, Seoul
  • Book: 02-3213-1281
  • Bar site 81

7 Be cute and cheap at your local store

Valentine's Day, Seoul, Korea

Stop at pretty much any convenience store on the block and you’ll find bouquets of flowers, boxes of chocolates, and other sweets on tables outside or inside the venue. There is so much to buy and that’s especially attractive if you’ve forgotten that the holiday is coming and you’re bringing home your love at the last minute. Do not exclude convenience store merchandise. You can find bouquets of Ferrero Rocher, Chupa Chups and other similar but weird and cute treats.

8 Take a boat cruise on the Han River…or a private tour on a yacht!

A trip on the Han River to see the city lights in the evening can be very romantic. It’s a different view of Seoul from what many have seen and it’s an experience not really worth appreciating. You can do it on a budget or have the privacy and book a couples-only experience. I did both options and both were great.


9 Eat Michelin-Starred Food in Seoul

There are some very special restaurants that serve very good food and usually require Valentine’s Day reservations, so be sure to consider this one in advance.

  • Jongsik: Located in Gangnam, Jungsik is a two-Michelin star restaurant serving contemporary and creative Korean cuisine. On Valentine’s Day there is a special dinner for £270,000 per person. You can make reservations on their website.
    • Tabuk: 11 Seonreung-ro 158-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (11 Seonreung-ro 158-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)
  • Yoon: Located on the 23rd floor of the Shilla Hotel, La Yeon is a three-Michelin-starred restaurant and was actually the first Korean restaurant to receive the rating. La Yeon Restaurant offers the traditional taste of Korea in an elaborate and subtle way. You can make reservations on their website.
    • Tabuk: 249 Dongho-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Gaon: Also located in Gangnam, GAON is a restaurant with three Michelin stars. They present Korean food as the ultimate piece of gastronomy and focus on seasonal food imbued with hard work over a long period. You can make a reservation on their website.
    • Tabuk: 317 Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (317 Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)
  • Kwon Seoksu: Located in ____, Kwon Sooksoo is a 2-star Michelin-starred restaurant serving modern Korean cuisine with ingredients from all over the country, jang, kimchi, jyot gal, and homemade jangchi. Enjoy fine Korean food with carefully selected wines and traditional Korean liquors. You can make a reservation on their website.
    • Tabuk: 37 Apgujeong-ro 80-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (37 Apgujeong-ro 80-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)

10 Get a cake to show your love

valentine cake

Koreans love to have cake for the holidays. Really, a holiday isn’t complete if there’s no cake of some kind. This is a good option if you want to be at home, treat yourself a little, maybe watch a romantic flick and eat a pastry. Stop by any Paris Baguette or any other bakery and you’ll find some red, white or pink cakes and pastries for Valentine’s Day.

11 Tone Each Other In Noraebong

Noraebong, Korean karaoke room, Seoul, Korea

Any list of romantic things to do in Seoul that don’t have noraebong or karaoke room would be complete if you ask me. Sure, my husband and I are creative musicians, but even if you aren’t, it’s just fun and can definitely be a bit awkward at first, but if you love each other, you’ll undoubtedly end up laughing, smiling and enjoying your valentine’s day in Seoul. This is also a relatively cheap way to vacation as well as a budget-friendly option. If you want to be romantic about it, also go for more fancy ornate noraebongs…yes, there’s more than just a room with a sofa and a screen.

12 Take a night tour to see the Seoul city bus

Seoul City Buses, Hop On Hop Off Bus, Seoul, Korea

the Hop on Hop of Seoul City Bus Tours Great way to see the city but the night tour is romantic and a fun way to see the city. It’s something a little different, and it’s not just for tourists despite what you might think. Hop in and enjoy the views of Seoul as the lights flash!

There is so much to do to spend a wonderful Valentine’s Day in Seoul. Have a day full of love and fun whether you are with friends or lover. Enjoy!

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