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Chuseok It is one of the major holidays in Korea. Chuseok will be on September 21 this year when Koreans use the lunar calendar system. This is the second year that Koreans have been unusually confrontational National Day (Min-guk-dae-myeong-gyeol: national holidays) amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

traditionally, The Great Migration (Min Guk Dae I-dong): national immigration) happens during this holiday season and the crowding is awful. In 2020, a large number of people canceled the flight due to restrictions. This year may seem the same, but more people seem to be planning a trip back home though Municipalities (ji-jah-che): local government) recommendations for people to stay at home.

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What are the restrictions in Korea now?

The Korean government has already extended Social distancing (sah-hwe-jeok-guh-ri-doo-gi: social distancing) until October 3rd to prevent the spread of the virus during the holiday season.

As more people are being vaccinated in Korea, restrictions appear to be a little lower than last year. Capital Region (Su-Doh-Kun)urban area) located below level 4 Prevention tips (bang-yeok-ji-chim): Guidelines for Preventive Measures). non-urban area (bi-soo-doh-kwon): a non-urban area) subject to the Tier 3 guidelines.

For example, up to six people, who have been fully vaccinated, can congregate in restaurants and cafes. Family gatherings in homes of up to eight people are permitted, fully vaccinated in Level 4 areas during the holiday season.

In 2020, there were many couples who were unable to follow through on their wedding plans. Couples planning to get married this year have more generous guidelines than last year. On the wedding site, up to 49 people are allowed.

Religious Activities (jeong-kyu-hwal-dong: Religious activity) is permitted with a limited number of people. However, Watch sports (sports-gwal-ram): watching sports) is strictly prohibited in the fourth level.


What are the new changes for the 2021 Korean Thanksgiving?

To the Holy Sepulcher (sung-myo-hah-gi: Visiting a family member’s grave) is one of the traditional activities in Chuseok. Holy Sepulcher (mi-ri-sung-myo-hah-gi): Visit a family member’s grave beforehand to avoid crowding) Highly recommended by the government.

In 2021, some Koreans were performing 성묘 in unconventional ways. online (online) 성묘 하기 is one of them. It would be an alternative solution for those who wish to memorialize deceased family members. Some agencies offer virtual cemetery site simulation services, including 온라인 sacrifice (jessa)Ancestor rituals, table setting for deceased ancestors) simulation. Paul ChuTomb cleaning, weeding) Services are available for those who cannot visit Cemetery (myo-ji: cemetery) physically.


The New Trend of Chuseok Gift Basket

to share Chuseok Gift Set (Chuseok-sun-mool-set: Chuseok gift basket) It is a common habit in Korea. Chuseok gift set is a gift to express gratitude. traditionally, ship (bay): pear), joule b: dry yellow corvina), apple (sah-gwa: An apple), Korean Beef (Han Woo): the best korean beef), nuts (gyun-gwa: nuts) are the most universal choices for shoppers 추석.

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However, companies have different marketing strategies this year. Hon Myung GookA person who spends the Eid by himself. And Hon Cho Gook: The person who spends Thanksgiving alone) a new group of clients, but they are remarkably up.

Quality beef has always been one of the best gifts. When I think of gifts, a large portion of red meat packed into a large luxury basket comes to mind. However, 혼 prefer a small portion of meat for themselves. Thus, major companies sell a small portion of beef targeting these new customers.

Red wine like Pinot Noir is a popular ingredient because it goes well with red meat. Seasonal fruits (je-chul-gwa-il: Seasonal fruits) such as apple, mango, shin muscat (green grape) or watermelon are chosen as the most popular items for this holiday.

Famous Restaurant (Yo Myung Mat Gib): well-known restaurants) are also targeting these newly growing customers. They released gift sets for 혼 추족, which you will definitely miss Holiday food (myeong-gyeol-yum-sik)Eid food.

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We have already experienced many changes since the outbreak of the pandemic. The mask has become one of the most important personal belongings. Parents have started working from home and children are learning from home. We didn’t know how much the pandemic would change our lives, but the changes are definitely here already.

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