2021 Seoul Lantern Festival: Forest of Healing, the Colors of Seoul

The theme of the 2021 Seoul Lantern Festival is Healing Forest, the colors of Seoul featuring beautiful lanterns of hope and positivity.

annually Seoul Lantern Festival (서울 빛 초롱 축제) throughout the period from the first Friday of November to the third Sunday of November. Lanterns from Cheonggyecheon Square to Supyogyo Bridge are visited every year by many locals and foreigners. But this year, the 17-day festival has been changed to 10 days due to certain reasons.

What do you see at the festival?

There are 83 beautiful lanterns on display in the Cheonggyecheon Stream from Mojeongyo (모전교) Bridge to Jeongtonggyo (정통 교) Bridge. This year’s theme is Healing Forest, Colors of Seoul. It aims to heal and give peace to all who are suffering from this epidemic. Sharing hope to everyone that everything will be fine.

As a supporter of the 2021 Seoul Lantern Festival, I decided to visit last November 27 (Saturday). Before that, I checked additional information about the festival, so I’m not surprised by the long queue when I arrive at the venue.

There are number of people who can enter for each batch, temperature check and electronic arrival call are required upon entry due to the pandemic.

I have limited time to visit because I also avoid crowds, so I took the pictures I needed from the festival and left. I was enjoying this festival with my son but we couldn’t find a parking place. We actually went to a birthday party before going to the festival and that’s why my son and husband came home.

Before the story gets too long, I’m going to share with you some beautiful festival lanterns.

Offline Augmented Reality Lanterns

Healing Forest, Colors of Seoul

beautiful forest <غابة المدينة>

The above lanterns can also be seen through the online AR gallery, just visit the Seoul Lantern Festival website. If you live in Korea, you can also join the action by taking selfies with AR lanterns, posting them on your social media sites, and winning prizes.

Hangi Lanterns [Korean Theme]

Sorikkun means one who sings Pansori, a korean cut song, or a folk song. I usually see this in K-dramas but I haven’t seen it in person. Although I heard Korean folk songs or Minyo when I visited the Seoul Museum of Korean Folk Music.

The correct image is about two children holding lanterns symbolizing Buddhism but for ordinary people it means festive ornaments.

Who wouldn’t recognize this finger heart symbol which means “I love you”. I’m not sure about this but according to what I’ve read, this finger flip was started in 2010 by Kim Hye-soo.

These two pictures for kids about korean kids games. One is Hide and Seek and the other is the famous Mugunghwa kkoci pieot seumnida. It has already been shown in the Netflix Series Squid game.

for children at heart

Apart from the main theme of the 2021 Seoul Lantern Festival, there are also lanterns made for children and the young at heart. Disney Pinocchio, Mickey, Minnie Mouse, Transformer Bumblebee and Ironman are also featured at the festival.

christmas themes

Christmas is also in the air because of these two nutcrackers. There are also cute Christmas elves, but I didn’t take pictures because the crowd was getting older. If you want to see other lanterns, you can check out our Seoul Lantern Festival Instagram above.

additional information

Due to Corona, there is some additional information you should know before going.

  • Check temperature upon entry
  • QR code/electronic access call is required
  • Wearing a mask is a must!
  • Follow social distancing
  • No smoking
  • Pets are not allowed

How to get there?

Take the MRT to Jongno 3-ga, Jonggak (Line 1), Euljiro-1, or Euljiro-3 (Line 2) and take the exit to Cheonggye Plaza

For other details, read Things to Know About the 2021 Seoul Lantern Festival. The festival will end next Sunday, December 5th.

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What do you think of this festival? Is it worth a visit or not?

Xoxo, Hyejin

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