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[2021 Year in Review] dramatic mood

I’m a mood watcher. I often choose the drama I watch according to what I’m in the mood for rather than being a drama that I like on paper. Sometimes this leads me to put some great dramas aside for years so I can get in a vacuum to really enjoy it. This means that my watch list can look very different from year to year or be completely selective. Looking at my plays this year, even though they seemed to lean more toward the darker or more serious side, there was a little bit of everything. So I decided to divide the dramas into categories based on the mood or mindset that satisfies each drama. Without further ado, I give you my dramatic mood for 2021.

When you’re in the mood…to bring down the system

Sometimes, you just want to watch a corrupt system or organization burn to the ground. The most memorable thing in this category for me is probably Vincenzo. It was a strange mix of genres and tones, but somehow they mostly combined to create a weird and fun (but dark) party. I never imagined seeing Song Joong-ki play an Italian-Korean gangster, so that was an experience. It wasn’t a perfect drama by any means, but it was fun watching Vincenzo and the residents’ family come together to fight injustice.

This year also brought us miserable Satan’s judgeA drama set in a world where a courtroom turns into a reality TV show and chaos ensues. It’s a dark world full of corruption and greed, a world to which two Master Judges respond in very different ways. We’ve got a dirty battle for power, some revenge, some mystery, and some bonding between Ji Sung and Jinyoung. It’s over the top and not what you’d call realistic, but that’s kind of the point. And of course, more Ji Sung and Jinyoung is never a bad thing.

If you are a fan of dark spy movies and revenge, then hijab It might be your thing. I’ll say this is my least favorite of the three, but Namgoong Min was great as the traumatized client was trying to piece together his past and root out corruption. There wasn’t anything that fascinated me about this drama, but since I was in the mood for something dark and revenge sprinkled with bringing down the Corrupt, I had fun.

When you’re in the mood… to get hit with feelings

While drama is usually very good at capturing your emotions, I took Drama to the next level for me this year: Navillera And May youth. These two dramas stuck with me but in different ways. Navillera It was the sweet story of a wonderful grandfather who decided to pursue his lifelong dream of learning ballet. Watching this old man learn to dance with the help of his grumpy young teacher was intimate. Although there are sad elements, this was a comforting drama about the pursuit of passion and finding connection. I loved every minute of it.

May youth It was a beautiful nostalgic drama set in 1988. It begins as a love story with a dreamy ambiance with warm hues, making it a beautiful watch. But there is a sense of tension because you know what’s coming: the Gwangju Uprising. It was a poignant and respectful depiction of the horrific events of that year, emphasizing the resilience and determination of the people. It might rip your heart out at the end, but it highlights an important part of history and has been a special drama for me this year.

When you’re in the mood…for a little magic

Most of us like a little magic in our lives now and then, and this year, I found some dramas that gave me the supernatural fun I was looking for. On the cute side, there’s the dramatic web gem Great Ga Do Shim Fits the bill. It is a simple story of a teenage girl who comes to her country while fighting evil. Kim Sae-ron was cool as a reluctant teenage Doo-shim shaman, and Nam Da-reum was the perfect supportive sidekick – they made a great pair fighting evil. And I love tales of girls embracing their power, so this was a win for me.

I’m a fan of the camp that charming dinner Gave me a lot of. Song Ji-hyo is portrayed as the titular witch whose meals can satisfy her customers’ desires for a price. The always fun Nam Ji Hyun stumbles upon dinner and starts working there alongside a part-time high school employee. It’s hilarious fun for those times you’re looking for healing stories with a little bit of cheese.

super counter, which aired in the latter part of 2020 and ended its run in early 2021, was more serious but still fun. It is about a group of counters, as they are called, which capture evil spirits and protect the souls of the hosts. Oh, and as their day job, they run a pasta store. I loved the little family formed by the counters and how they took the teenage moon under their wings where he learned the ropes and earned his profit. My only real complaint was that it rolled a little bit in the middle, but other than that, it hit the right notes.

When you’re in the mood…for some healing

I often enjoy a good therapy story, and this year has given us some powerful stories. go to heaven It was a drama that was underrated and centered on the family. After his brother’s sudden death, estranged Sang Joo moves in with his autistic teenage nephew Jeo Rou. (I could have done it without the cool metaphor here – autistic people don’t have to be geniuses to be fun.) Sang-gu is forced to help run a family business that involves cleaning up a person’s belongings after their death. Not only do we get some family and healing bonds for our main characters, but we get touching stories from their clients. It’s warm without being too drunken which hits the sweet spot for me.

In the distance, spring is green It is a campus drama about friendships and dealing with past trauma. While each of our primary trio had some healing, John’s story of childhood trauma was at the core. My favorite aspect was the intimate relationship between stern Joo Hyun and Puppy Jun who had great chemistry. I wasn’t familiar with both Park Ji-hoon and Bae In-hyuk, but I enjoyed their performances as budding adults making their way into the world. I wish they used So-bin more than romance because that was definitely the weakest aspect of the drama; It felt totally unnecessary and unconvincing. However, I enjoyed watching these little friends grow up and heal together.

Adding some physical healing to the mix, we have Hospital Playlist 2. I’m a huge fan of season one, so I was really excited for season two. Once again, we’ve got our cool set and passed on patient stories where it goes beyond physical healing. But I was disappointed with all the romance thrown in this season. The wonderful friendship between our five protagonists is part of what makes the drama special and is more than enough on its own. The Boot in Relationships didn’t stop me from enjoying the drama—it just made it less awesome than in season one.

When you’re in the mood… for something scary

I like a good horror drama, or even one that has some elements of horror, but there aren’t always a lot of shows. This year brought four horror plays that each had something different to offer. Sect stories are jam so I couldn’t resist hometown. Although I found the ending unsatisfactory with plenty of loose ends, what made it most worth watching was Han Ye-ri’s wonderful performance as an aunt determined to do whatever it takes to find her missing niece due to a cult. I’ve always loved Han Ye-ri and her ability to make her characters feel so real and easy to empathize with. Uhm Tae-gu was also effective as her fearsome brother (who might just be a sect leader), although they did spend a short time on screen together. There was also a group of cute teenage girls doing puzzles, so that was a plus.

on the roof, happiness looks similar to Beautiful house (aired December 2020) as they are both trapped in a building with dramatic monsters. However, they had very different tones and appeals. while Beautiful house It was dark and terrifying more direct, happiness Take a much different approach. It had a lighter tone and was more terrifying than horrifying, despite the zombies. But it did surprisingly well, thanks in large part to the cast. It was less in depth but more fun of the two, and I felt more connected to the characters.

On the lighter side, we have Sell ​​your haunted house And it’s not exactly horror but it’s about ghosts. Jang Nara played the stoic hero of the court perfectly, and she enjoyed her character’s arc that involves dealing with her mother’s death. For me, this was a bit of a ghost of the week, but that’s just what I like best. Don’t expect there to be different villains, the main villain is very cartoonish and stereotypical. Although this wasn’t what I would call a great drama, it was generally enjoyable. And who doesn’t want to see Jang Nara be a badass?

When you’re in the mood…to question your belief in humanity

There were a few strong showings this year of dark variety. Right now, it would be hard not to know what is widely popular squid game which set its own development on the death game genre and provided a critique of class and capitalism. Despite her gruesome subject matter and violent nature, she did not feel overly heavy or depressed. It was easy to overeat without feeling depressed afterwards.

For something darker with a bleaker feel, there is destined to perish. With so many dramas in recent years focusing on the classics, it was refreshing to see a substantive drama delving into a different topic. In just six episodes, it was tight and suspenseful, exploring the concept of morality and fear. It’s not what I’d call a good time per se, but it’s well made and worth watching when you’re in the mood for something deep and horrific.

I’m not usually a fan of crime dramas, but I have to give it a go beyond evil It’s time. It’s a serial killer drama, a strangely popular genre these days, but it has its own character. What sets this crime drama apart for me is its setting in a small town and its focus on character. It wasn’t very flashy and felt more grounded than a lot of these types of drama do. I’m also a fan of The Untrustworthy Grail, so I loved how the drama didn’t make clear who the good guys and bad guys were. Shin Ha Kyun in particular was awesome as the unpredictable haunted cop who was suspected of killing his sister.

When you’re in the mood… to meditate

Sometimes I find myself in an introspective mood and the drama can appeal to this in different ways. The past year has given me a number of dramas that have satisfied my introspective mood differently. On the bleak end of the spectrum human disqualification, a beautifully illustrated drama that examines the pressure to conform to society’s view of what makes one successful. Each character is misfit in his own way and struggles to find meaning in life, as well as his or her own worth. Both Jeon Do-yeon and Ryu Joon-yeol are great here. It’s not happy hour at all, but it’s a great slow-paced drama for those times when you think about life’s challenges. Although it may seem frustrating at first, it ends on a hopeful note, so I walk out of it feeling positive.

On the happier side, employment It was a beautiful, meditative relationship-focused drama. I appreciate that he didn’t resort to any unnecessary drama to keep things interesting. We got likable personalities, playful friendships, and a sweet romantic relationship that developed in an organic way. Something in the drama felt almost comforting, and sometimes that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

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