21 Years Old Nam Da-reum Joins the Military on the 8th @ HanCinema

Actor Nam Da-reum (20), a former child actor, will serve in the military.


Nam Da-reum said on his fan cafe on the 1st, “I’m scheduled to join the military a week later on February 8th”.

“I was sorry that I couldn’t tell Unique (fan club) in advance while preparing quietly after the date was set, but I’m telling you the news here because I want to be the first to tell you,” he explained.

Nam Da-reum turned 21 this year in Korean age, and said, “My goal was to go to the military early since I was young. I couldn’t go at the age of 20, but I’m glad I can go at the age of 21 “, he said.

“I will show you a better performance as an adult and an actor after I come back. I will become a more mature person”, he promised.

Meanwhile, Nam Da-reum made his debut as a child of the drama “Boys over Flowers” in 2009. Since then, he has been reborn as an adult actor by gradually accumulating the number of works such as dramas “The Horse Healer”, “Six Flying Dragons”, “While You Were Sleeping”, “Hotel Del Luna”, “Start Up”, “The 8th Night” and “Sinkhole”.


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