5 Happy & Easy Ukulele Songs for Beginners (With Videos & Tabs)

Are you looking for some happy ukulele songs to play? Music teacher Willie M. This wonderful list of easy ukulele songs Which is sure to brighten your day…

I’ve had bad days. I’ve had bad days. Sometimes it is inevitable. It is like the wise sage once said, “It rains on the just and the unjust.” But instead of frowning, it always pays to find a picker, whether that’s a delicious pint of ice cream or learning some Fun ukulele songs!

What some happiness and easy ukulele songs?

Turn that smile upside down as you learn to play fun, happy ukulele songs!

  • I make my own sunlight – Alyssa Bonagora
  • my girl – Temptations
  • Give me a kiss to build a dream – Louis Armstrong
  • Daydream – lovin spoon
  • Bad day – Daniel Potter

1. I Make My Own Sunlight – Alyssa Bonagora

Thank you Laurie Camer for using this video!

Get the tabs here: I make my own sunlight

I first heard this song in a Lowe’s ad that launched this tune into fame and I just couldn’t get it out of my head. So, I made a crazy drive to find it. I found it, and it turns out to be one of the most Easy-to-learn songs on the ukulele.

There are several versions of this song available now, but I’ve found that the original recording of Alyssa is what I like the most. With its infectious delight, it’s like getting a shot of sunlight right at your brain’s cortex!

The song itself is incredibly simple. It uses a modified version of “Old Progress” for the entire song. the uke . ropes Repeat G, D, Em D, C, and D all the time. So once you have the basic pattern, you should be good to put an end to that bad day, flip it over, and create some of your own sunlight.

2. My Girl – Temptations

Thanks to Danielle Ate the Sandwich for using this video!

Get the tabs here: my girl

Even if your girl (or guy) doesn’t bring you “sunshine on a cloudy day,” play this classic Motown game from The Temptations, and you’ll be smiling before you know it.

This is one of my favorite easy ukulele songs Because of the simplicity of the gameplay. With only C, Dm, F, and G in it, there’s no excuse not to add it to your collection of songs to help you battle the blues!

The song “My Girl” has the added bonus of having one of the funniest singles of all time, which you can play with until you’re done. Once you master it, all your worries will be a thing of the past!

3. Give me a kiss to build a dream on – Louis Armstrong

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Get the tabs here: Give me a kiss to build a dream

Of all the songs on the list, this one will be the most challenging because it has a lot of chords. But, this is the go-to for happy ukulele songs!

If you go to Ultimate-guitar.com And move it to the C key, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

The great thing about this song is that once you master it, you will feel so proud of yourself learning all these new chords and the evolution of classical jazz. You’ll also forget all the trivial things that happened that made you learn them in the first place!

I found the most challenging part of learning this song is learning diminished and large 7y ropes. But if you find that you are having a hard time forming those strings on your ukulele, you may want to try making it a little simpler by sliding up from the string to the next fret.

The declining chords in this song are used as passing notes to reach the other chords in progress. If you shrug them off with slight variations in the strings, it won’t look quite the same. However, it will be easier to play until you get used to the diminished shapes.

4. Daydream – lovin spoon

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Get the tabs here: Daydream

One of the best ways to beat a bad day is to whistle. And what better accompaniment to your lyre than a good whistling melody? Daydream by Lovin’ Spoonful is one of those contagious songs you just can’t get out of your head, and you can’t have a bad day while beeping. Just think about it.

Your hair is a mess – “What a daydream day…” Suddenly, that bad hair day feels weird.

Your car isn’t running – “What a day to daydream…” Suddenly, you’re relaxing on vacation, and you’re in no hurry to go anywhere.

It’s the end of the world and the apocalypse has begun – “What a day to daydream…” Well, well, this guy probably wouldn’t work for it, but you get the idea!

This song is another one of those simple tunes that shouldn’t be too difficult to master. It has an unusual chord progression, with classic jazz heritage, C to A7, then Dm and G7 for verse, and F, D/F#, C, A7 for most of the chorus, with a slight change to G, C, G, C at the end of the chorus .

You will be smiling in no time at all!

5. Bad Day – Daniel Potter

Get the tabs here: Bad day

Daniel Potter wrote the popular anthem for Bad Days with “Bad Day!” Originally a piano song, this song makes a great ukulele piece. It’s not too difficult, and it’s actually one of the best easy ukulele songs For beginners.

According to online chord charts I’ve found, the song is in the key of D. However, when you watch the video, it looks like Powter is playing it in C.

Either key is simple enough to operate, and you can find a suitable chord diagram at Ultimate-guitar.com, where you can also convert it to any key you want.

You should have no problem playing this piece if you know your major and most of your minor chords. In the key of D, you’ll find I, IV, and V typical of D, G, and A. You’ll also find Em and Bm thrown into the mix as well. For the bridge, Powter mods from the original key to the F key for a few actions, but then goes back to the song’s primary key. While at the bridge there is only an F and Bb to deal with.

While this song has quite a few chords, it will hone your ukulele skills, help you get rid of your bad day, and keep you focused on learning something new. These are all excellent ways to reverse a bad day!

Bonus: Tonight You Belong to Me – Bernadette Peters & Steve Martin

Thanks to Ben Ames for using this video!

Get the tabs here: Tonight you belong to me

Let’s go ahead and add another happy tune to basic ukulele songs that are easy to learn! If you have watched the movie The Jerk with Steve Martin then you know this famous ukulele song!

“Tonight You Belong to Me” was initially recorded by a group called Patience and Prudence. However, Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters made a great version complete with harmony and coronation in the film. Once you search for the clip on YouTube and start singing together, pull out your strength and start playing with Steve, you won’t help but start smiling, and that bad day will be gone in the past!

Enjoy playing this easy ukulele songs!

Now you have five happy ukulele songs and a bonus to help you defeat your lousy day. Best of all, they are all easy and fun to play! If you are still looking for more songs to play, check this out The ultimate list of ukulele songs for every occasion.

If you need an excellent teacher to help you learn these easy ukulele songs and other skills, TakeLessons has some great stuff. ukulele teachers!

Does playing music cheer you up on a bad day? Share your favorite songs to beat the bad mood in the comments below!

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