5 Ways on How to get the Christmas Mood in Korea in 2021

Want to know my 5 ways on how to get in the Christmas mood here in Korea in 2021? Despite the pandemic, let’s make the holiday special!

I came to Korea for the first time in 2016 which is the saddest Christmas of my life. It’s the first time I’ve felt lonely. No parties for friends and family, no Christmas carols abroad, no one ever prepared a gift and that’s all we do in the Philippines. We don’t even have a Christmas tree but a few days before the holidays my Korean teacher visited me at home and gave me a small tree that I still keep today. Whenever I listen to Christmas songs on Youtube, I always cry until now. Christmas in Korea makes every foreigner like me feel”the house is sick“.

This year, I am celebrating my 6th birthday here in Korea. I remember it was 2018 when my friends and I had a party in our house with our kids. It was fun, it felt like I was in the Philippines for a bit. Also, it was first and last, though.

To make this year special despite the pandemic, I made a list of how to get in the Christmas mood here in Korea.

5 ways on how to get in the mood for Christmas in Korea

erecting a christmas tree

Honestly, not all Koreans celebrate Christmas due to different beliefs, but if they do, they also put up a Christmas tree just like the rest of us. Many of us grew up in the tradition of decorating our homes with Christmas decorations, lights and of course the star of the holiday, the Christmas tree. Christmas decoration makes us happy and remembers our childhood memories even though we are far from our home.

Includes Christmas Well mode the shopping very! Since many of us change our Christmas tree decor every year.

Preparing food and drinks

It’s a tradition for us that even though we’re out of budget, we still find ways to prepare something for Christmas. And some people don’t understand that. I was actually asked,Why do people celebrate if they don’t have money to buy food?” I replied, “It’s not about the food, it’s about the family being together. ”

Although I am here in Korea, I already make the usual Filipino Christmas dishes like spaghetti, Shanghai Lumpiang, salad, lychee flan, etc. But if you don’t have time to cook, there are foods and drinks available that you can buy just as much as cake from Paris Baguette and Tous Les Jour, the ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. Did you also know that ordering fried chicken and pizza is the easiest option ever?

Listen to Christmas songs

If you are visiting here in Korea during the holidays, you will notice that it is quite a silent Christmas. why? Because you can’t hear any Christmas carols abroad unlike in the Philippines you can hear it everywhere. There is a law here in Korea, that when shopping malls play Christmas carols or songs, they need to pay for the copyright. So some are really not playing anything just to cut expenses maybe. But yesterday, I went to Lotte Department Store and they were playing helpful Christmas carols.

This is how I listen to Christmas songs, play Youtube on TV and search for Christmas Songs Bonfire, then I’ll pick Christmas medley so it plays constantly.

christmas light hunting displays

I’ve heard from someone that Christmas here is just for work and that’s absolutely true. Because when the holiday is over, the Christmas lights displays are also removed, as if nothing had happened. So, to at least get a feel of the Christmas mood, I tried some Christmas light hunting.

Photo taken at H-Village, Hyundai Department Store (COEX)

Stores here in Korea such as Lotte, Hyundai, Shinsegae, IFC Mall, Times Square and many more have their different themes for Christmas show. Lotte has the idea for Little Cloud Big Wishes, IFC Mall has Santa Claus, Hyundai made the H-Village theme, and Utopia Holidays for Times Square. Shinsegae’s LED lamp and “Magical Holidays” light in Myeongdong made it very popular this year.

Also, the city government put up a huge Christmas tree in Seoul Square and a light show in Cheonggyechoeon until December 31.

Watch Christmas Movies on Netlfix

As the daily positive cases of Corona and Omicron are getting worse by the day, I think it’s best to stay home this Christmas. Aside from listening to music and lighting up the Christmas light and the tree, why not watch Christmas movies on Netflix with the whole family, right? There are many movies to watch and don’t forget that Gong Yoo’s The Silent Sea movie will be released on December 24th.

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How about you friends, how will you celebrate Christmas this year?

Xoxo, Hyejin

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