6 Wonderful Blogs to Help You Learn French Online (For Free!)

if you want Learn French onlineYou are lucky! French language learning blogs Offers a great way to Enhance your French speaking skills. Today, we are going to share 10 blogs just for you!

Your journey in this beautiful language is sure to be exciting, sometimes challenging, and ultimately rewarding.

While practicing the language and studying with a French teacherReading French blogs gives you access to more knowledge. Reading new updates from other language students and teachers will help you stay involved in your studies and keep your enthusiasm for the French language alive. Plus you will learn a lot of fun things that might not be in your textbook!

How do I do Learn French online Free?

If you want to study French online, one of the best things you can do is read French blogs. It allows you to read new updates and insights into French cultures, and will help you stay motivated and inspired. In addition, you will learn a lot of interesting things that can accompany what you learn from your French teacher and/or textbooks.

Here are six of the best French language learning blogs:

  1. French today
  2. I am learning French
  3. crazy french
  4. Learn French with Jennifer
  5. speak french
  6. French together

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1. French Today

French today Great way to learn French slang, dialects and a little about French culture. You can learn French vocabulary On social mediaor how Canadian French is different from what is spoken in France.

French Today is based in Northern France, by a husband and wife team whose enthusiasm for the language and culture shines through in every post.

2. I’m learning French

Adults learning French as a second language will find plenty to relate to I am learning French. This blog is the constantly updated story of William Alexander’s mission to learn French in his fifties. He also shares great insights and anecdotes from his travels in France, as well as occasional events Recipe.

Although it can be difficult to learn languages ​​as an adult, William lists these challenges on his blog with humor and determination that will make you feel like you have a friend with you while you’re around. Learn French online.

3. The French Crazy

If you dream of living in France, then you should follow this blog! crazy french Written by John El Khoury, a native English speaker who currently lives and works in France. His blog highlights French culture, from scenes like la fête des lumières to everyday variations like how French credit cards Different from those used in North America.

Reading French Crazy is like taking a little vacation to France every day and provides an exciting way to learn more about the language.

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4. Learn French with Jennifer

Learn French with Jennifer It is easily one of our favourites French language learning blogs! Jennifer is an American teacher of French and English who lives in the south of France with her husband and children. Jennifer great posts Video Tutorials For beginners on her blog full of examples and clear explanations.

Her mission is to make learning languages ​​easy and fun, and she definitely succeeds. Jennifer’s love for the language is contagious, and her blog is sure to keep you inspired even when you’re having a hard time studying French online.

5. Speak French

speak french Contains so many good things that I don’t know where to start. Audio podcasts, movie recommendations, interesting vocabulary – the list goes on and on! Talk in French founder Frédéric Bibard believes that the best way to learn languages ​​is to form great habits that enhance your learning.

Speaking French is undoubtedly a habit-forming, and potentially addictive, code for learners of French. You will keep coming back for the podcasts, articles and most importantly, the motivation toEarn French Online.

6. French together

If you are soon traveling to a French speaking country, French together It will help you prepare. This French learning blog offers mini lessons in French using real-life conversation examples. Learn French terms, practice common expressions (like How do you ask for a bill? in a restaurant), and tips for understanding spoken French. French Together prepares you for French conversation, and you’ll find yourself chatting in a café in no time!

Of course, there are many other wonderful things French language learning blogs You will find it to help you practice your French. For more resources, be sure to check out the Love France blog and take a look at our list 100 great websites to study French.

Where do you go to Learn French online? Feel free to share with us in the comments below!

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