7 Different One Minute Monologues for Kids!

Monologues are an essential part of a theater actor’s career, and that includes actors from all walks of life! It doesn’t matter what kind of actor you are – comedic, dramatic, classic, contemporary… you’ll need a variety of monologues to have it ready if you’re auditioning for acting. Professional actors know this for sure, but it’s useful for those who are active in community theater or school theater too!

The theater has exploded in recent years. It seems all of the sudden theater and acting are “awesome”. More specifically, it’s great for kids! This has made my life as an acting teacher really rich and interesting. I did notice that something had changed regarding the test requirements, though! Gone are the days when a kid can appear for an audition, do something simple and get an acting…because the art staff love their personality.

Here’s the truth: It’s much more competitive these days for all ages, and that includes kids at the non-professional level as well. My students and I have noticed that most test notes mirror those of a professional adult actor, where you need to prepare and memorize a minute monologue. All too often, my student is bullied into all the options available and doesn’t know how or where to start!

In this blog post, I want to make it easy for you and the young actor or actors in your life, whether you’re a parent, an art teacher – or maybe a young actor yourself!

Here are my suggestions for some one-minute monologues for kids that will show your actor in your next audition!

What is a children’s drama monologue?

One minute monologue for kids

A monologue is just a speech that is given to an imaginary audience of one or more people. It can be serious or comedic – but for kids, the key is to find short but sweet snippets that are easy to memorize but also touching.

Other tips for finding the right monologue include:

  • Choosing a monologue that matches the role – Make sure you choose a monologue that matches the role you’re auditioning for. do not use a Comedy monologue If you’re auditioning for a more dramatic role!
  • Find a monologue that tells a story and has an emotional connection
  • Choose a letter from one of your favorite plays or movies – this is a great way to help you remember the lines

Preparation is key when you are preparing for the test. Memorizing your lines is important, but also knowing what to do if you can’t think of them! Knowing how to improvise is an important skill for any actor and something you will learn the first time acting lessons If you decide to take some. Learn more in this video:

What are some easy monologues? 3 short dramatic choices

One minute monologue for kids

Memorizing lengthy speeches can be intimidating to children. These one-minute monologues for kids under 15 are short and sweet—perfect for making an impact without taking too much time (or causing too much stress!).

Not sure where to start — or which of these monologues for kids to choose? Consider subscribing to acting lessons. This is a great way to hone your skills and determine exactly where your special talents lie!

1. Dorothy’s Soliloquy from The Wizard of Oz

I like this! It is perfect for all types of teens through teenage actors. This is the scene near the end where Dorothy wakes up at Auntie Em’s house, remembering her “dream” of her magical Oz adventure with Em and the farm workers. My young students have had good luck with this, both as a test piece and as an acting exercise. This monologue is great for kids who love to experiment with big, well-known shows (including musicals for sure!) and will also work in school shows, community theaters, and professional productions. Versatile, needless to say – a fun classic!

This monologue can be found on the excellent resource, Stage Factor.

2. The Soliloquy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This entire show is a gem! You have a variety of monologues here that will work, and they are very easy to find and choose.

Here’s a handy guide to help you decide which character is right for your actor:

  • Charlie is great for a cute, cute and more boy next door, likes to portray lookalike characters.
  • Mike Tevey is for a little boy who has no problem playing Pretty!
  • Augustus is dedicated to a confident actor who has no problem making fun of his husky size (there are plenty of Augustus-like roles out there, one of his monologues, done so well, that a young actor could get a lot of work!).
  • Veruca is also incredibly vulgar and superior, and can even work with a young girl who is fluent in British accents, when necessary. I can see her great monologue on a show like ‘Matilda’!
  • Finally, the violet. This is for a confident girl who doesn’t mind using open facial and body expressions.

Kids who use the 1-minute monologue from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are sure to set themselves up for success. “Matilda” is only one show These one-minute monologues for kids can be used to audition – other shows that come to mind are “Oliver,” “Annie,” “James and the Giant Peach”… and any of the excellent Junior shows that come to mind. Very popular these days!

Text is available from Dramatic publishing.

3. Wild and Wacky: 60 Minute Monologues for Kids (Book)

Oh, how I love this book! I use it all the time to practice student acting, basically – but the right people in this book can “talk” to an actor, and there’s some excellent material here for auditions!

Here’s the thing about these one-minute monologues: They require a lot of imagination, and may be best for young, average actors. You see, these monologues are not about age, gender, or situation…these monologues are about topics like talking toothbrushes, musings about Slinky games, and other weird things!

No, these monologues wouldn’t work for something more dramatic, but children’s shows tend to be more playful and cute, so these monologues are well worth a watch. Hope you find some you like!

Author: LE McCullough, Available on Amazon

One minute monologue for kids

One minute monologue for kids

If you or your child is taking an A . test comedy role, you need to find the right monologue for such a specific type of test. Here are some one-minute comedy monologues for kids to try:

1. “Le Mans Family Picnic” by Donald Margulies

This monologue is highly self-aware. Although the kid delivering the monologue may not understand all the jokes, it’s all in the delivery.

2. “The Little Girl and the Monsoons” by James Ryan

In this letter, a young girl laments the weight gain she would suffer if she was forced to eat fatty broccoli from her father. It’s a struggle that any child (and parent) will understand.

3. You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” by John Gordon and Charles M. Schultz

Here is a classic monologue for a child. Charlie Brown sabotages his attempts to win his cute little red head in this cute monologue.

4. “July 5th” by Lanford Wilson

In this monologue, the target is energy. The character, Shirley, has a lot of excitement as she looks into the future, which makes her a high-octane, positive, and fun pick for kids who want to impress the audition panel.

Easy Soliloquy for Kids – Get Creative!

One minute monologue for kids

Don’t go in search of the perfect monologue. Regardless of your age or the type of role you are auditioning for (drama or comics), there are plenty of options to choose from.

Of course, there are countless other one-minute monologues for kids, whether in books, scripts, or on websites – and you can definitely take the time to explore and try things out!

However, I have listed a few suggestions that are tried-and-true classics, as well as some out-of-the-box options. Both options are very versatile!

Just remember that technical staff have a one-minute limit on actors because they have a lot of people to see.

The truth is that you can show them exactly who you are in a minute with the right materials, so please don’t worry!

If you are really nervous about the upcoming exam, there is no harm in getting some advice from you acting teacher Or even sign up for acting classes for the first time, too.

When it comes to a child’s monologue, it is best to choose something fun. These monologues are definitely just that. Good luck, broken leg!

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