7 Ways Learning Spanish Can Boost Your Career

Learning a new language can provide countless benefits, but did you know that learning Spanish can also be extremely beneficial in your career? Here, Spanish tutor Emmanuel N. explains how learning Spanish can help you in the workplace.

Are you thinking about learning Spanish? If so, you’ve made a great decision – especially in terms of your career potential.

Speaking Spanish can help you in virtually any job or position. Whether you work in customer service or you’re an accountant or a CEO, here are seven ways learning Spanish can boost your career.

What is the easiest way to Learn Spanish?

If you’re thinking about learning Spanish, whether for your career or for any other reason, you may want to consider these top techniques:

  • Try a Spanish app – there are lots of apps you can try, but the best app to learn Spanish is the TakeLessons app!
  • Give Spanish lessons a try
  • Learn Spanish free by listening to Spanish music, watching Spanish movies, or reading Spanish books
  • Practice Spanish in context by chatting with a native speaker
  • Begin by learning the basics – like the Spanish alphabet, numbers, and conversational phrases
  • Take a trip abroad to Spain or another Spanish-speaking country to fully immerse yourself in the language

So what is the best way to learn Spanish? Any of these methods will work, but combining them is a great technique to try if you’re interested in finding out how to learn Spanish fast! Of course, the best method of learning Spanish For beginners is to take classes with a professional.

Not sure where to start? The video below offers some best practices as you try to learn Spanish online:

What are the benefits of Learning Spanish for Business?

Not yet convinced about the many benefits of learning Spanish? Here are some of the best reasons to consider learning Spanish if you’re looking to improve your career.

1. Learn Spanish to Improve Relationships

One reason why learning Spanish is smart, as a business professional, is because you can strengthen your business connections – and perhaps even form new ones.

If you work in an environment with a lot of bilingual people or Spanish speakers, learning Spanish can improve your relationships with your coworkers and clients. Understanding Spanish will eliminate any language barriers, and Make your work life easier and less stressful.

You will be able to communicate with your coworkers and customers on a deeper level. Even if you’re just beginning to learn Spanish, your coworkers will be happy to help you practice.

2. Learning Spanish Can Improve Your Customer Service Skills

If you’re able to assist a Spanish-speaking client or customer in their native language, it will make for a better customer experience, and lead to better reviews for you and your company. If you’re one of the few bilingual employees at your job, this will set you apart and make you the go-to person to help Spanish-speaking clients.

To learn a few helpful Spanish phrases for customer service positions, check out this quick overview-

3. You Can Stand Out in the Job Market if You Learn Spanish

Job hunting can be extremely stressful. Most of the time, you’re competing for the same position with other people with similar skills and backgrounds. Understanding another language can set you apart from your competition. People who speak two or more languages ​​are generally very intelligent. Employers know this, so if you’re looking for a new job, knowing two languages ​​could give you the upper hand. Speaking Spanish makes you more useful and valuable in the workplace.

4. Learn Spanish to Increase Your Odds of a Promotion

Looking to move up in your career? Learning Spanish could give you the edge you need for that promotion at work. When your boss or manager is looking for someone to move up within the company, he or she will most likely look toward the most useful, helpful, and versatile employee. If you speak Spanish, and have demonstrated your proficiency at work (in a way that proves beneficial to the company), then your boss is more likely to consider you for a promotion or new opportunity.

5. Learn Spanish to Help You Showcase Your Brand

Especially if you’re an entrepreneur, another big benefit of learning Spanish is that it can help you showcase your personal brand.

Have you been trying to show that the product or service your company offers has an international, inclusive, or multicultural dimension to it? If so, learning Spanish will help you demonstrate this in real time.

6. Learning Spanish Can Improve Your Brain

Although this is something that is true when you learn any language, it is also important to mention that learning Spanish is a great way to strengthen your brain. It can help keep your brain flexible and nimble, particularly as you age.

While that’s more of an indirect benefit to your career, having a sharp mind is undoubtedly something that will continue to benefit you as you move forward in your job!

7. Make Business Travel Easier (and More Enjoyable) by Learning Spanish

If you travel a lot for business, learning Spanish is a smart choice. It will make it easier for you to navigate road signs train tickets, menus, and more when you’re in a Spanish-speaking country

Plus, it will allow you to connect better with the locals and with your existing (or potential) business connections.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Spanish?

If you want to learn to speak Spanish, you’re going to have to commit! This language probably won’t come to you overnight, but it is a relatively simple language to learn (especially compared to others that are notoriously difficult).

Most students will take about a year and a half to become fluent in the language. It’s one of the easiest languages ​​for English speakers to learn because so much of the vocabulary and grammar rules between the two languages ​​are shared.

Curious about how to start learning Spanish for beginners? Sign up for lessons today – getting help from a qualified instructor is the fastest way to learn Spanish (and for many students, it’s the easiest way to learn Spanish, too).

No matter how you choose to learn Spanish, whether it’s by taking paid lessons or choosing some other method to learn Spanish free, you’re sure to find that understanding this beautiful language goes a long way when it comes to improving your career!

The benefits of learning Spanish are well worth the time and effort. With Spanish lessons and consistent practice, you can master the language and boost your career!

Emmanuel Noriega

Emmanuel M. teaches Spanish online. A California State University, Fullerton graduate and native Spanish speaker, he also teaches essay writing, study skills, and singing. Learn more about Emmanuel here!

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