Actress Lee Ji-min-II Cast in ‘Crazy Love

Actress Lee Ji-min-II has confirmed her appearance in “Crazy Love – 2022”.


KBS2’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Crazy Love – 2022” depicts a sweet and bloody crazy romance between a scumbag representative who plays amnesia in a murder notice and his assistant who acts as his fiancé at a death sentence.

Lee Ji-min-II plays the role of Michelle Lee, an unrivaled English instructor who No Go-jin (Kim Jae-wook) scouted with a penalty. She is vain like a princess and gives lectures in colorful princess fashion. She looks like a New Yorker due to her endless butter pronunciation, but in fact, she will show off her unique charm as a character with a twist from the countryside.

Lee Ji-min-II appeared in the dramas “Hundred Million Stars from the Sky”, “Abyss”, “Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho 2: Crime and Punishment”movies “Beauty Inside”, “Believer” and “Rosebud”, drawing attention from the public. In particular, in the JTBC drama “Be Melodramatic”, she performed a unique performance as Da-mi, a bold cafeteria nutritionist. As a result, expectations are high for her bouncy charm and performance in “Crazy Love – 2022”.

Meanwhile, KBS2’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Crazy Love – 2022” will premiere at 9:30 PM on Monday, March 7th.


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