Acwell’s Licorice pH Balancing Essential Cream Is The Brightening Answer to Fortifying All Skin Barriers

Only from K-Beauty: the creamy moisturizer your skin didn’t know it needed.

Just because your skin can handle an acid at night, a layer of vitamin C in the morning, and a week’s bout of skipping your 3-10-step skincare routine, doesn’t mean your skin has to deal with layers of active ingredients and a little neglect day in and day out. In fact, a persistent zealous attitude toward active ingredients just because your skin can handle them is likely to damage your skin barrier. (Ask anyone with sensitive skin, too much acid can cause allergic reactions and damage).

In the end, even the toughest barriers need to be treated more often with gentle, fortifying, and soothing ingredients. Although exfoliating acids are great and can be beneficial for anti-aging and acne, they should only be used two to three times a week! Skin-strengthening ingredients such as cica, ceramides and hyaluronic acid can be used dailyWork to build a protective barrier, plump the skin, and repair damage, so the skin is less susceptible to infection, inflammation, and free radical damage.

Acwell’s new moisturizer, Licorice Balancing Essential Cream, is specially formulated for all skin types to strengthen the skin barrier with hydrating and soothing ingredients while still delivering all the benefits of skincare acids — such as treating hyperpigmentation and brightening uneven skin tone. , boring tone.

Acwell’s latest hydrating innovation is a silky cream that promises instant hydration on contact. With glycerin, Centella asiatica (AKA cica), and mugwort, the cream delivers on its moisturizing and soothing claims. If you have sensitive or sensitive skin, you’ll be familiar with these ingredients, however, if you don’t have the above, both tansy and cica are key ingredients in K-Beauty that moisturize and build a barrier. The two also soothe with anti-inflammatory and soothing compounds, like madecasic acid, which can help with anything from windburn to over-exfoliation.

The great thing about this hydrating and soothing cream is that it not only focuses on moisture and dryness, but it also works on other skin issues as well. It goes even further and enters the realm of skin tone and evening texture. So, all your active lovers can give your skin a dose of gentle care while getting rid of those skin problems!

As with every Licorice pH Balance line from Acwell, Licorice Essential pH Balancer Cream contains licorice root extract and licorice root water, both of which actively work to inhibit melanin production, stopping hyperpigmentation and dark spots in their tracks. For a brightness boost, the new staple also harnesses the power of classic favorites hanbang, lotus flower, and vitamin tree fruit.

This moisturizer deviates from the norm when it comes to packaging. We’ve been seeing jars of moisturizing goodness all over our networks lately, but Acwell has chosen to stray from the norm. Essential Balanced Licorice Cream is packed into a gentle squishy tube that makes it ideal for on the go.

The new silky, jam-packed cream is a long-awaited addition to the Acwell Licorice family, which already includes a caffeine-rich eye cream, award-winning antioxidant-concentrating serum, plus our favorite on-the-go fragrance mist. K-Beauty Holy Grail Toner.

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