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Ahn Bo Hyun and Jo Boa pledged to serve and defend Military Prosecutor Doberman

tvN upcoming drama Military Prosecutor Dobermann He released new promotions featuring the main cast: Ahn Bo Hyun (My name), good atmosphere (The Tale of the Nine Tails), Oh Yeon Soo (criminal minds), Kim Young Min (private life), And Kim Woo Seok (piece of your mind).

In a story about personal growth and the rule of justice over corruption, the characters played by Ahn Bo Hyun and Joo Bua each become prosecutors in the military for very different reasons. Ahn’s motive is only money, while Jo’s goal is revenge.

Department Head Commander Oh Yeon Soo is led and their work is often complicated by attorney Kim Young Min, a representative from a large law firm. Actor Kim Woo-seok, who plays the young CEO, completes it.

The new teaser begins with a close-up of the military uniform label that contains only consonants and no vowels. With the sound of a typewriter, missing letters begin to appear and on the label at the end: “I came to the army to earn money.” We see Ahn Bo Hyun getting out of the car and the camera follows him in the hallway. Standing in front of the press, he salutes and the title of the drama afterwards disappears: “Military Prosecutor Doberman” and then “February”.

Then we move on to a second standardized nomenclature, which is also missing vowels. While the rest of the letters are written, the full sentence is composed: “I came to the army to hunt.” From behind the venue, we see the crowd watching the military take the oath during the 95th commissioning ceremony for judiciary officers. Jo Boa greets the audience, who applaud, and the teaser ends with the drama’s title card.

Directed by PD Jin Chang-kyu (united effort to accomplish one thing), with texts by Yoon Hyun-ho (Lawyer OutlawAnd Remember – Son’s War), tvN . drama Military Prosecutor Dobermann Premiere February 2022.

Via KBS and Xports News

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