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Bestselling novel Pachinko comes to life in new Apple TV+ adaptation

Whether you’ve read the novel or not (or perhaps it’s been on your list for the last three years like me), chances are you’ve heard that the adaptation of Pachinko has long been in the making — and of course, that Lee Min-ho (The King: Eternal Monarch) himself was cast in it. Now, what feels like a good century later, the 8-episode drama is gearing up to premiere on Apple TV+ and has been getting quite a bit of international press. All eyes have been on K-content ever since little releases like Parasite, Minariand, you know, Squid Gameso it feels like Pachinko carries a good bit of expectation on its shoulders.

It’s more of an international title than a K-drama, and boasts an international cast, two Asian American directors, was produced in three languages, shot in multiple countries, and seems, all in all, like a true global title. I’d say that in my mental Venn diagram, Pachinko overlaps with dramaland mostly because of Lee Min-ho, somewhat because of the other amazing cast members, and then slightly because of the fact that it’s a story about a Korean immigrant family.

In addition to Lee Min-ho (taking up much of the press), the drama also stars the wonderful Yoon Yeo-jung (Minari), and other dramaland familiars like Jung Eun-chae (LUCA: The Beginning), Han Joon-woo (Through the Darkness), and Jung Woong-in (Idol: The Coup), among others.

Gearing up for the March 25 release, Apple TV+ has released an epic movie-like trailer that you can enjoy below (it’s beautiful!). Interestingly, the drama will drop its first three episodes on the premiere date to get you hooked, and then release the remaining five episodes one per week on Fridays.


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