BLACKPINK Jisoo, ‘I Want to Attempt Without Fear’ @ HanCinema

Jisoo, a member of the group BLACKPINK, has introduced a new pictorial.


DAZED magazine released a photo of Jamal Jisoo in their January 2022 issue.

Jisoo also revealed her values ​​in the upcoming new year after revealing her reviews about using cosmetics in an interview with DAZED.

Ji-soo said, “I want to challenge boldly and fearlessly as always. It may not always be smooth, but I will do my best without regrets. And I want to keep looking at myself and becoming a better person.”

Regarding the BLINK fan club, she said afterwards, “Everything I’ve done has been made possible by the full support of BLINK. I hope you’ll walk with me in 2022. I’ll be back looking better. See you more often in 2022.” I love you”.

Jisoo’s photos and videos will be released in the January issue of DAZED.

Jisoo is starring as the main character Eun Yeong-ro in the JTBC drama “Snowdrop”, which was embroiled in the controversy over the distortion of history.


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