What does 법문 (法文) literally mean?

Answer: “Law Writings (法) (文)” My Korean-English dictionary defines 법문 (法文) as “law” or “written laws,” but it may also mean “Buddhist writings.” However, in China, 法文 (법문) means “French” because 法國 (법국) means “France”. From Dong-A’s Prime Korean-English Dictionary From Understanding Chinese: A Guide to Using Chinese Characters

What does 성기 (星期) literally mean?

Answer: “meeting star (星) (期)” or “beginning date” My Korean-English dictionary defines 성기 (星期) as “a wedding date,” but it literally means “star meeting (星) (期)” or “star date.” So why does my dictionary define it as a “wedding date”? Because 성기 (星期) is also another way of referring to the “seventh night of the … Read more

16 Bizarre Japanese Superstions

Each culture has its own set of myths, legends and myths. Japan is no exception! Japanese culture It dates back to 35000 BC, and also some strange but really interesting stuff Japanese superstitions. In the United States, rabbit feet bring good luck. But who came up with this? We do not know, but it is … Read more

Which is Perfect for you?

As technology brings the world’s cultures together and choreographers continue to push the creative envelope, there are more types of dance lessons now than ever before. Don’t let all the options confuse you, but don’t limit yourself to stereotypes either! There are many different types of dance, but The basics They are often very similar. … Read more