Get That Shot: Vibrant Brewtiful Cafe

Get That Shot Cafe is one of those cafes that offers a vibrant interior that makes a good feel for every visitor. More and more cafes in Korea have aesthetic, vintage, personal and simple themes. Scenery and beautiful cafes have become popular. Which gives a sense of healing to every visitor. This year, I plan … Read more

The Best Types For Your Skin Concern

Last week, we shared what happened when one of the writers got her first laser treatment. Curious about the other types of laser treatments available for the skin? Read on for our guide! While following a K-beauty routine can give you smoother, brighter skin, there are some skin concerns that require a little extra help. … Read more

The Best (and Most Questionable) Single-Ingredient Moisturizers to Apply on Dry Skin

one and finished? Dermatologists share their thoughts on single-ingredient moisturizers, from olive oil to Vaseline. We’re now at that point in winter when there’s really no escape from dry, dehydrated skin. If your moisturizer suddenly doesn’t cut it or you’re looking for a natural and inexpensive skin lotion, you might consider incorporating products like Vaseline … Read more