Cho Yi-hyun and Lomon in ‘All of Us Are Dead’ @ HanCinema

Actor Cho Yi-hyun released two-shots with Lomon.


On the 2nd, Cho Yi-hyun posted a video with Lomon on her Instagram. Along with the video, she wrote, “Soo-hyeok, stay in our broadcasting room -Nam-ra.”

In the video, Lomon smiles brightly while looking at Cho Yi-hyun as she smiles and makes a V following Lomonshowing a cute appearance.

Also, Cho Yi-hyun stops smiling when the wind blows and her hair flies. She’s making a face like Nam-ra in the drama, “All of Us Are Dead”.

Meanwhile, Choi Yi-hyun appeared in the Netflix movie “All of Us Are Dead” Which is a story that takes place in a high school where the zombie virus has spread, with people isolated and those who try to save them going through an extreme situation not knowing what lays ahead.


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