Choi Jin-hyuk Violates Quarantine Rules @ HanCinema

the actor Choi Jin Hyuk He was handed over to prosecutors on charges of holding an illegal entertainment bar in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Send Gangnam Police Station in Seoul Choi Jin Hyuk To the prosecution on charges of violating the Law on the Prevention of Infectious Diseases in the eleventh. Guests and hospitality staff who have been arrested and investigated Choi Jin Hyuk They were also handed over to the prosecution.

Earlier on October 6 last year, Choi Jin Hyuk He was caught violating the Infectious Disease Prevention Law while drinking at an illegal entertainment bar located in Samseong-dong, Seoul.

on time, Choi Jin HyukAgency said, “Choi Jin Hyuk I violated the quarantine day 6. He did not know if the bar he guided was working illegally because the working hours at that time were ten in the evening.”

Choi Jin Hyuk Then he said, “He is really ashamed of the ignorance and wrong behavior that he thought he was satisfied with without properly checking the quarantine rules,” adding, “He will stop all activities and think for himself.”


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