Choi Min-sik to Return With Drama in 26 Years, Disney+ ‘Casino’ @ HanCinema

Walt Disney’s video streaming service Disney + has announced that it will be releasing the drama “casino” starring actor Choi Min Sik, as original content. that it Choi Min SikThe drama made its first comeback after 26 years of MBC’s “Love and Farewell” in 1997.


The Walt Disney Company announced on the sixth of this month that it plans to produce Korean content “casino” In the process of launching some new content groups in Korea and the Asia Pacific region in addition. It is a 16-part drama written and directed by the director Kang Yoon Seung from the movie “Outlaws” (2017), depicting a man’s troubled life in the casino business.

Disney+ did not have much success in Korea due to the controversy over the denunciation of the democratization movement in the 1980s with the first exclusively broadcast Korean act. “Snowdrop”. With the exception of businesses such as Animation and Marvel Studios, it has been criticized for not having work worth paying for. It has been noted that its impact is minimal in the domestic OTT market, as it continues to compete with OTTs abroad, including Netflix.

In the midst of this, attention is being paid to whether she will be able to bounce back with additional production and reveal Korean content. It is expected that more than 20 billion won will be spent on production “casino” While Jang Deok-soo and Han Mi-nyeo have been added from the Netflix original series “squid game”, played by actors Hyo Sung Tae And Kim Joo RyongIt is expected to attract the attention of both domestic and foreign viewers.

at the same time, “casino” Filming is scheduled to begin in earnest from the end of February after the casting of the main cast has been completed.


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