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Premiere Watch: Crazy Love, Kill Heel, A Superior Day

More dramas coming in hot and filling out our schedule quite nicely. Adding to the Monday-Tuesday slot is our “crazy” rom-com, while the Wednesday-Thursday slot gets new competition by way of Kim Haneul, and a new crime thriller is added to the weekend, courtesy of OCN.

Crazy Love

Time slotMonday-Tuesday
Broadcaster: KBS
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episode count: 16

Reasons to watch: I’ve been nuts about this drama since they started releasing their crazy teaser posters and videos, and now it’s finally here! The full trailer gives us a more solid sense of what the drama will look like, but that’s not saying the “crazy” in Crazy Love is still not present. Pulling some heavy tropes into the mix (terminal illness, secret revenge, CEO/secretary plot), I think the drama will do great if it takes them and runs wild. If ever there was a drama that wanted to go a bit crazy, it looks like this one, so I’m hopeful we’ll get a show that has as much shameless fun with its tropes as Business Proposalbut that injects some black comedy and weirdness, too.

Kill Heel

Time slot: Wednesday-Thursday
Broadcaster: tvN
Genre: life, drama
Episode count: 16

Reasons to watch: Kill Heel lost a little bit of its momentum what with its two-week delay, but it’s finally premiering this week. And even with all the teasers and stills, it’s still hard to say exactly the sort of drama we’re going to get. The cutthroat world of a home shopping channel is very last-decade for K-dramas, so it’ll be interesting to see where they take this. The cast is full of fabulous woman with great careers (both in-drama and out), so even if the tone and tenor are a question mark for now, at least we know we’re in for some great performances.

A Superior Day

Time slot: Sundays
Broadcaster: OCN
Genre: Crime, thriller
Episode count: 8

Reasons to watch: Long time no OCN! They’re back with an appropriately dark and twisted tale that’s led by Jin Gu, Lee Won-geun, and Ha Do-kwon. I’ll be shameless for a moment and say that it was Lee Won-geun that sparked my interest here (Sassy Go Go shoutout!) — but even more interesting that he plays a serial killer. He’ll have fun with that, I’m sure, but the other characters in the drama not so much. All three characters find themselves in a tangled web, and with some promising promos (I love the poster so much!) and a short episode count, this could be a nice tightly-written thriller.


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