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Creepy connections made in King of Pigs with Kim Dong-wook and Kim Sung-kyu

A new poster and video teaser have been released for TVING’s upcoming thriller King of Pigsfeaturing the main cast of Kim Dong-wook (You Are My Spring), Kim Sung-kyu (One Ordinary Day), and Chae Jung-ahn (Monthly Magazine Home).

The story is based on director Yeon Sang-ho’s (Hellbound, Train to Busan) highly acclaimed animation film, also called King of Pigs, and starts with a strange serial murder case. At the scene of the latest crime, a mysterious message is found that the potential murderer left for his old childhood friend, bringing back memories of a shared dark past.

Warning: Your tolerance may vary, but I would say there are moments when it gets gory and/or graphic in the teaser.

The video teaser begins with police arriving at the crime scene, led by detective Chae Jung-ahn. As Chae inspects the area for clues, we get a brief glimpse of Kim Dong-wook before the camera cuts away to focus on Kim Sung-kyu. A bloody and injured Kim Dong-wook reads his message for Kim Sung-kyu, which we see in the appearing captions as well: “Jong-seok, it’s been a long time. It’s me, Hwang Kyung-min. How have you been?”

Kim Sung-kyu explains the situation to Chae Jung-ahn, “Hwang Kyung-min… I haven’t seen him since middle school.” As we jump to a man with his back turned in the bathroom, Kim Dong-wook continues reading aloud: “Do you remember what happened that day?” We then see Chae discovering the incriminating message written on the window and addressed to “Detective Jung Jong-seok.”

As the teaser comes to a close, we see and hear a laughing pig’s face and Kim Dong-wook calls out to Kim Sung-kyu, “You need to join in as well.”

Premiering on March 18, TVING’s King of Pigs is co-directed by PD’s Kim Dae-jin and Kim Sang-woo with scripts penned by Tak Jae-young.

Via MBC, Sports Chosun


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