Detective Ok Taecyeon and Judge Ha Seok-jin in OCN’s ‘Blind

Group 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon and actor Ha Seok-jin will meet in “Blind – 2022”.


Ok Taecyeon and Ha Seok-jin will appear in OCN drama “Blind – 2022”, which is scheduled to air in the second half of the year. It is the story of a normal, unfair victim and an assailant who is blind to uncomfortable truths. It focuses on detectives, judges, social workers and nine judges.

Ok Taecyeon Ryoo Seong-joon plays a homicide detective. He has dreamed of punishing evil by watching hero movies. When an incident breaks out, his gaze changes. Ha Seok-jin He plays Ryoo Seong-hoon, a judge of the Criminal Agreement of the Mooyoung District Court. Silent and rational, he is a perfectionist who does not tolerate mistakes.

It is directed by director Sin Yong-hwi of “Tunnel – Drama” (2017) “Voice 4” (2021). It will be written by Kwon Gi-kyeongauthor of “Sharp 1” Season 1 and 2 (2003-2005-2005) and “Andante” (2017-2018).


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