Do some Koreans speak better Korean than others?

ANSWER: Yes, of course.

One of the reasons I like watching the videos of the Korean woman in the first video below is that she speaks in a way that is interesting and easy to understand. She speaks clearly, pauses in the right places, and knows how to change the pace of their speech to keep it interesting. She is a good Korean speaker.

Some may say, “Well, of course, she’s a good Korean speaker; she’s Korean,” but not all Koreans speak Korean equally well, just as not all Americans speak English equally well. Some Koreans are better storytellers than others. Some Koreans are better at explaining things than others. And some Koreans speak more clearly than others.

The woman in the first video knows how to tell stories, and she is very good at explaining things. Why? Maybe because her videos focus on explaining learning strategies and materials to primary school children and their mothers. I don’t really know. I just like the way she speaks.

Now, for a slightly different topic: I have a sense that, in general, Koreans these days speak better Korean than their parents. Korean kids today seem more relaxed and confident when they speak Korean, probably because they get more practice speaking in public and online. Koreans seem to be moving away from the old, stiff, boring, loud, North-Korean-announcer style of oratory to a more relaxed, individual style.

I probably have not thought about this enough to be posting this, but there is just something different about the way Koreans speak Korean today versus the way their parents and grandparents spoke it 30 or 40 years ago. In the past, Koreans were more group orientated than they are today, and they were more imitators than innovators. Today, Koreans are more individualistic and more imaginative.

In the second video below are examples of the old style of Korean oratory; in the third video is an example of the new style, at least in my mind.

Yes, this is a weird post. I meant to only introduce the Korean woman in the first video, but then I sidetracked.

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