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[Drama Chat] How has Squid changed Korean drama?

Whether you like it, like it, or gain the massive success of Netflix squid game Shook the world of Korean content. And it hasn’t stopped swinging since then.

how did squid game Change the drama for you? maybe squid game It means that the people around you have finally seen the light of K-Drama. You may have found yourself clicking on ‘what you’ll see next’. Or, if you’re anything like me, you might have taken the noisy route and climbed onto your soapbox to explain why squid game No Really A good example of a Korean drama.

Any or all of them may apply, and I don’t think they are mutually exclusive either.

So, how did you do squid game change korean drama to You are?

Let the chat begin!

Editor’s Note: Thank you for the success of the first week of our Drama Chat! We are looking forward to more~

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