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[Drama Chat] Name your favorite up-and-comers

It’s time for one of my favorite things to do as a dramaland resident: pick my favorite up-and-coming actors and call down their future success.

Of course, glomming onto a favorite newbie might not be exactly the same thing as guaranteeing their road to stardom, but it sure is fun to go on the journey with them, and claim a meager handful of bragging rights when they hit it big.

Here’s an example: I recently glommed onto Chae Jong-hyeop after his supporting role in Sisyphus and yay, thanks to that and travelhe’ll soon be starring in an upcoming KBS drama, and is well on his way.

Another great success story is Wie Ha-joon. He first caught my eye in Something in the Rain (and of course Romance is a Bonus Book), and now, thanks to Squid Gamehe’s an all-star.

Who’s on my radar now, you ask? *rubs palms together*

  • Bae In-hyuk. First seen in the web drama XXthen in My Roommate is a Gumihohe is going places, and that next place is Seo Hyun-jin’s upcoming drama with Hwang In-hyub (YES).
  • Park Solomon. Already beloved by fans for his bit parts up until now, I’m pretty certain All of Us Are Dead is all it is going to take for his career to skyrocket.
  • Jo Yi-hyun. She’s still a newbie, but she’s shown some really great range with School 2021 and All of Us Are Dead This year, and she’s also super charming. I’m expecting good things.

So, who are your favorite up-and-comers? Who’s on your drama radar?

Let the chatting begin!


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