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[Drama Mashup] Vincenzo + Boys Before Flowers

Introducing… the Drama Mashup

Chances are, if you’ve been around Dramabeans for a bit, you’ll not only know what mutant baby dramas are, but you’ll find yourself looking for them whenever we post a new Staff Spotlight.

The mutant baby drama synopsis used to be a staff-only feature, but it’s too fun not to share with the community. So, we’re taking a loose-ish twist on it with our few feature, Drama Mashup!

How to play:

  • In each Drama Mashup, we’ll select two dramas, and you write the plot synopsis mashup in the comments. Then, we’ll feature our favorites in the next Mashup round, so everyone can enjoy your mad genius.
  • A paragraph only, please. Even though your entire script would undoubtedly be great, this is just your drama’s synopsis, so let’s hear your pitch.

And now for your prompt:

Blockbuster drama Vincenzo and Hallyu classic Boys Before Flowers have an unholy alliance and produce a mutant baby drama. Describe the plot.


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