Dreamer 3:45 am Exhibit in Lotte Museum of Art

Dreamer 3:45 am An exhibition at the Lotte Museum of Art invites you to enter the world of imaginative life created by artists that can make you dream.

Last Friday, October 29th, my friend and I went to Lotte Art Museum located in Jamsil. It is actually on the 7th floor of the Lotte Tower. Museum tickets provided by Songpa Tourist Information Center And Global mates in Seoul. Last year, the Tourist Information Center also sponsored free tours to Seoul Sky and Lotte Aquarium.

This year, they sponsored free tickets to the Dreamer 3:45 am Exhibit at the Lotte Museum of Art. One Global Seoul Mate can bring one friend or mate, so I invited my girlfriend Jenna to join me. We met at Jamsil Station Exit 1 and went to the Tourist Information Center to collect our tickets. To our surprise, we also got gifts from them.

After we got our tickets and gifts, we went straight to the museum to see the exhibition.

What is a Dreamer 3:45 am?

Dreamer 3:45 is a dark space gallery where you can feel like you are in a dream. The exhibition is divided into five parts created by ten international contemporary artists and famous Korean musicians. Visual arts and music were combined to make the audience feel and explore their senses while dreaming.

Part One: The Shape of Dreams

Do you think dreams have their own forms? If there was, what would it be? This topic was created by Fabrikr and CODE KUNST. The shape of dreams has large hoops when viewed closely and resembles a flat circle when viewed from afar.

When I saw him, I felt that I was in a dream running through circles, leading me to another dream. This space creates a peaceful atmosphere with music and light. I also passed a small and dark space where I heard footsteps, water drops and mysterious sounds, called the passage. I felt like I was having a nightmare for a few seconds.

Part 2: Chaos Times

the Chaos times Created by United Visual Artists (based in London) and Peggy You from Berlin. This space was dark but mixed with some laser-like lights that follow the beat of Peggy Joe’s electronic dance music “The Green Light.” Chaotic Times represents our unconscious dream of time and space.

Part 3: Inspirational Pauses

This dimly lit space is media art made with LED lights that glow brightly reflecting off the water. The background music was calm and soothing as I dreamed as if I was watching the stars. the Inspirational breaks They were made by SILO Lab while the music was played by frankincense.

Part 4: Eternal Journey

Eternal Journey is interactive artwork by Studio AR + ECh and Yun Seok Cheol. When I entered this space there were rugs and cushions where you can sit or lie while watching the colorful patterns emerge from the LED walls.

The artists based this art on our unconscious and endless narrative dreams that drift from reality and the unreal. The Timeless Journey has motion sensors that detect the movement of the audience and a touch screen where the viewer can film their dreams.

Part 5: However, dreams come true

When we entered the museum, this was the first subject we saw, However, dreams come true. At first, I don’t understand what this means. There were floating heads, decapitated torso, and legs dancing to an eccentric rhythm at the same time. I later found out that the dancers are from the Ambiguous Dance Company. The movements and the music are the same, it’s like an endless recurring dream that keeps him from coming back. The background music that was played, “Signal Dream” was made by Lim Youngjoo.

Safety and Guidelines for Dreamers

  • Do not forget to wear a mask even while dreaming.
  • Follow Covid-19 protocols such as checking your temperature and scanning your QR code.
  • Follow social distancing protocol upon entry.
  • For narrow lanes, dreamers in wheelchairs or those with mobility difficulties will be directed to an alternate route for easier access.
  • Due to the characteristics of the media gallery, dark spaces, light-filled areas, and sound galleries may lead to symptoms of light-sensitive cerebral embolism and seizures. Children, teenagers, pregnant women, the elderly and the frail are more susceptible to such symptoms, so please be careful when watching.

dreamer etiquette

  • Photo sticks, backpacks, food, strollers and other items that may interfere with the trip are not permitted.
  • Pets are not allowed. You can return to your lovely pets after waking up from the dream.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed. Eating is not necessary during a dream.
  • Loud noises can be a distraction for other dreamers. Stay in silence.
  • When accompanying a dreamer’s child, please do not leave him or her unattended.
  • Photography with flash and DSLR is prohibited.
  • To ensure safety, please maintain a certain distance from all exhibits at all times.

other information

Ticket price:
Adults (19 years and over) 18,000 won
Teenager (13-18 years old) 15,000 won
Children (4 to 12 years old): 10,000 won

You can visit the Lotte Museum of Art website for more details.

work hours: 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM
last entry: 6:30 pm

  • Lotte Museum of Art provides lockers to store visitors’ belongings.
  • Free audio guides are available upon entry and can only be accessed inside the museum.

Before leaving the gallery there is a small area where you can see some plastic balls. Write your dream on the ball and then put it in the box where the balls are saved.

There is also a souvenir shop in the museum where you can buy some things from the 3:45 AM Dreamer Gallery.

dreams motivate
It reminds me of what I want to achieve in real life.

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The 3:45 a.m. Dreamer exhibition will run until January 2, 2022 at the Lotte Museum of Art.

Xoxo, Hyejin

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