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The Ghost Doctor: Episodes 1-2 Open Theme

ghost doctor Set the stage for an epic relationship between hate and love with a supernatural twist as the spirit of a zombie doctor discovers he can kidnap the body of his least favored inhabitant. Immediately at odds with each other, this duo will need to work together to save lives and find out who orchestrated our ghost doctor’s accident.


Who are you? Meets Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim In this new supernatural drama. Those who prefer their medical shows to be on the ground should be straightforward, but as someone whose initial interest relied solely on the cast, I found myself enjoying the hilarious premiere and bizarre ball duo.

We meet our soon-to-be ghost – coma Ghost, to be exact – Doctor Cha Young Min (It’s raining) in the style of a classic korean drama. With co-workers babbling about his professional prowess, swaying in front of them in a tailored suit, he exudes a level of confidence that can only come from legitimate success, six-pack abs, or delivery with a silver spoon. While Young-min possesses the medical skills and – still uncertain – chocolate abs to support his props, GO SUNG-TAK (Kim Bum) is our (medical) resident chaebol, and he walks around as if he owns the place…because he already owns the place.

Being from a long line of doctors, Seung-tak does not try to hide the fact that his family is stressful and well connected in the medical community. His carefree smile and gentle personality instantly rubbed Young Min the wrong way. He assumes Seung-tak was hired due to nepotism and sets out to prove that Seung-tak isn’t miniature to be a doctor – but Seung-tak is actually quite smart.

Unfortunately, his shops can only carry him so far, and he falters when it comes to putting his theoretical knowledge into practice. Underneath Seung-tak’s bravado is a person who has no stomach for all blood and guts. However, he was forced to fake it so he could make it by his grandfather, who threatened to disown him if he didn’t follow in his family’s career footsteps.

On the surface, these two men are diametrically opposed, but their shared vanity, which has seen them fight for elevator dominance, also hides their sticky interiors. This prepares them for an epic friendship as they learn to transcend their personal prejudices and discover common ground. And you! They will need friends soon because the hospital is full of bad guys.

I should have known when (HAN SEUNG-WON)Tae In HoHe showed up dressed in all black as Al Capone’s accountant, and that wouldn’t be good, but I was a little surprised by the genre’s turn of the drama. Shady, deceptive hospital policy is taken for granted in most medical dramas, but it’s rare for someone to attempt to kill a doctor on the spot rather than destroy them professionally.

Although the costume department practically sewed an “I’m Evil” banner onto the backs of the bad actors’ wardrobes, I kind of dig into the plot of the attempted murder. I mean, given the general absurdity of a zombie doctor performing surgeries through body possession, it seems fitting that an outside conflict over our romantic leads would be a comic threat.

However, my main disappointment is how the scenes that led to Young Min’s car accident are cut together. The transition from surgery to the car accident in Episode 1 was so abrupt, as if they realized they ran out of airtime and had to skip ahead in order to end the episode with Young-min owning Seung-tak. I’m not a fan of unnecessary flashbacks, so I personally liked them to unearth the events in line, finish the first episode with a car crash and save the body that haunts the hoaxes in Episode 2.

Regardless of the schedule, I really appreciated what followed the acquisition, especially Seung-tak’s reaction to his memory loss and his unexplained ability to perform surgery. There was something endearing and heartbreaking about him as he sat alone outside the emergency room, reciting multiplication tables as a coping mechanism while trying to quell his panic and confusion. His reaction was also a nice disappointment to Young-min, who is messing around and directing his anxiety by attacking those around him, even when they can’t see him.

It is good, then, for both men to have some sort of companion to help guide them through the crazy fantasy circumstances in which they find themselves. Seung-tak will get OH SOO-JUNG (son of Nayeon), an emergency room intern interested in the supernatural, to be a go-between between him and his doctor ghost friend. Young Min has a TESS (Song Dong Il), a true Ghost, to explain the entrances and the whole of the life of ghosts in a coma – or is this death?

But Tess isn’t the only spirit haunting the hospital, and Young Min has an embarrassing ghostly encounter with one of his patients, the father of his ex-girlfriend JANG Se-Jin (UE). The tension when Young Min reunited with Se-jin before his coma was thicker than the silver rings worn by her brother, JANG MIN-HO (Lee Tae Sung). Also, the way I ran when I learned about Young Min’s accident hints at a complex and emotional backstory that I’m curious to see unfold, especially when it’s possible that her corrupt family may have factored in their breakup.

Presently, her family continues to stir up drama. Her brother teamed up with Seung-Won to kill her father, but what exactly did Seung-Won get from the deal? His evil master plan is supposed to include inheriting the hospital and family fortune, so wouldn’t Seung Tak pose a greater threat to him? Why is the best doctor in his hospital part of the plan? Does it have anything to do with the motorcyclist who followed Young Min on the night of the accident? He claims he didn’t, but if not him, is there another bad guy we haven’t met yet?

The mystery surrounding Young Min’s accident has me eager to see more, but the biggest question for me after this first week is: Who the hell is taking care of Young Min’s glider while he’s in a coma!?

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