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Our Beloved Summer: Episodes 11-12 Open the topic

Get your hearts ready and your tissue boxes ready – we’ve come to a touching piece of our story. As our unmarried couple begins to break down their walls and communicate, this leads to some unexpected thoughts about our hero.

Episodes 11-12 WEECAP

Well-crafted is the word of the week for Our beloved summerAnd perhaps best describes the drama as a whole as well. This week we’ve seen some important turning points, just like in life, sometimes those moments are as happy and touching as they are painful.

For Woong, this turning point begins with a fun short article about the ajusshi neighborhood, the abandoned puppy that welcomed it and now the kids. In flashbacks, Woong seems amazed at the easy and lazy life of a puppy – his owner picks him up, pushes him in a stroller, and drops him on a tufted pillow for comfort. Woong says it’s his dream life… and then, our drama pushes this metaphor even further, and into new territory.

It’s not hard to find the symbolism of an abandoned pup when we look at Ji-woong’s story, and we’re looking at that a bit more in this week’s episodes. Despite how misjudged this character is, oh my god, I feel a sad heart watching Ji-woong struggle to come to terms with his feelings.

He’s literally making himself sick from the bondage to free the docu – but in truth, it seems clear that it’s more of a workload, it’s the emotional weight that weighs him down. Poor Ji-woong doesn’t just have to muster up the guts to turn the docu into what it really is, and Must be – Woong and Yeon-su’s love story – but he also has to come to terms with his feelings for Yeon-su. It became difficult to hide him from the other enthusiastic observers around him (what an industry he works in!). It is most interested in it.

But as it turns out, Ji-woong isn’t our only abandoned pup. The next pup to be abandoned is first predicted to us, and then revealed. The pieces of this puzzle were so precise – and I think that’s what makes Wong’s big reveal so poignant. Through gentle whispers, we learn about Woong’s true past, and suddenly it’s as if everything confusing about his character falls into place.

To make this reveal even more exciting, we learn it with Yeon-su. Even though she and Woong are pretending to be friends, this fake stage obviously won’t last long. Yeon-su can’t hide her care of Woong, and this path of spiders that leads him to his house tells him everything he needs to know.

Finally, though, it’s Yeon-su who takes the lead as the two talk honestly over dinner, and this becomes a beautiful confession scene between the two. Woong says he’s always missed her, and only wants her to love him, Yeon-su’s eyes fill with tears from reciprocity. It’s clear to everyone around them that these two things were made for each other, from Yeon Soo’s grandmother, to Wong’s lovable parents, who have a lot of wisdom and insight.

I’ve always loved Wong’s parents – the actors, the characters, their delightful scenes, the underpinnings and the love they give to the story – but this week’s big reveal only came.

After Woong and Yeon-su confess, he slowly tells her that his parents are not his real parents, and that as a young boy his father abandoned him on the street. As mentioned, a lot of things are colored by this revelation: the vignette of the abandoned puppy we learned earlier, the trauma that shaped Wong to become an adult, his willingness to share his adoptive parents with another abandoned puppy (Ji-woong), and finally, how beautiful Woong’s parents are, And open their hearts to all these sad little boys. *cry*!

At this point, it’s hard to imagine how the drama could have improved. This week has definitely been a peak for me. The parts of each story are beautifully lit, and I’m ready to sit back and enjoy it. Fortunately, that’s what the drama allows us to do quite a bit.

Woong and Yeon-su settle awkwardly and happily dating, with all the hiccups and sweetness we might expect. I love these two together so much that it really hurts. Whether it’s their “unintentional” encounters, silly and fancy pitfalls, or that gorgeous black-and-white sequence on the show – well done Show. Perhaps Yeon-su’s line is about Woong’s love for whomever best embodies the beauty of this drama.

Our beloved summer Don’t be afraid to strike a balance between sweet and bitter, though, and maybe that’s why feelings feel so deep. Whether it’s the journey the clients have taken all this time, the heartache in their past, or even the heartache from our second thread, the story is filled with sadness that I will truly miss.

Of course, there’s an extra two weeks into the drama race, and plenty of other things to unpack on the way there. In particular, the relationship between Woong and Ji-woong remains as subtle as it gets moving. Ji Wong stings bitterness, but we feel it too; Woong’s instinct to always go to that brother first stings too, but in another way entirely. Their friendship continues to impress me with how little is said, but how much is communicated. And as much as I love the couple, my heart is with Ji Wong, drowning in all the bitterness and hurt that he needs to let go.

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