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Things get more dangerous for the entrepreneurial getaway owner as it becomes difficult to conceal her identity, but our investigator is the least of her worries. Bigger threats loom, and if she and her business are to survive, she’ll need to know who she’s going to face.

Episodes 3-4 WEECAP

The last time we saw the quit lady, Young caught her and was about to reveal her identity, but the slightly romantic moment was ruined when her brother’s creditor – and part-time embargo – GYE SANG-MOK (Hong Ahn Pyo) runs into the scene and gives Ro-seo the chance to escape.

Young chases her through the woods, but as soon as he catches her, he falls to the ground and lands in a secret alcohol-filled storage lair of MERCHANT SHIM (Moon Yo Kang). Merchant Shim is not happy to confiscate the glasses of his hundred liquor and pour them into the river, so he hits Sang Mok.

Ro-seo isn’t happy either. All of her winnings she reaped fell hard through the hatch with Young, so she was determined to drive him out. But before she can do that, Sang Mok appears to assert his manhood and anger someone weaker than him. He’s asking for full repayment or a corpse of a Ro-seo in exchange for the debt.

The young man retreats inward, comically disappearing like a coward, but returns with his bow. Reciting a law giving Ro-seo legal grounds to kill in defense of her home, he hands her his bow, explains how to keep it, and they both scare Sang-mok. Later that night, as Ro-seo watches him wash his face in exciting slow motion, the Joseon equivalent of Marvin Gaye plays in her head, and she reconsiders the usefulness of having an inspector live with her.

Chun Geum is nervous because Young is still around, but Ro-Seo assures her friend that it’s best to keep her enemies close. It has nothing to do with his attractive face. swear! Chun Geum is dubious, but she supports Ro-seo’s plan to sell the last cup of liquor during the festival celebrating Buddha’s birthday. Unfortunately, WOON-SHIM heard their plan ( Park Ah In) gisaeng who is sitting in bed – figuratively but perhaps literally – with the Merchant Shim, but keeps the information to herself.

Meanwhile, Young continues to investigate a rickshaw getaway, but before he can see the composite drawing of Beau, which eyewitnesses put in the camper’s location, his boss eats the striped officer. In search of more clues, Young returns to the underground lair, where he encounters a mysterious man and chases him through the woods, but once again, Young loses his captive.

On the night of the festival, Ro-seo asks Chun-geum to deliver a sample of the liquor to Woon-shim in the hope that she will resell it to her Giringak customers, but Chun-geum’s message is transferred to one of Sang-mok’s messages. Men instead because Woon-shim performs at a party hosted by Premier YEON JO-MOON ( Jang Gwang |). Celebrating his granddaughter Quinn YeonByun Seo Yeon) Pregnancy. Shi Hume appears uninvited, and the two men metaphorically exchange veiled insults.

At the festival, Pyo is eager to let go of his guards, so when he sees Young and Soo Yu, he tries to start a fight with Young and cause a distraction. Young doesn’t fall for Young, but So-yoo, who ignores Pyo’s true identity, is overly defensive of Young and the chaos gives Pyo a chance to escape. While Pyo escapes, he bumps into HAN AE-JIN (Kang Min), a noble lady with a mania for robbery determined to marry a handsome man. She is immediately smitten with Bew’s face and charm, but before she can find out his name, he escapes to find Ro-Seo, who accompanies Bew to her secret distillery.

The young man discovers his mysterious man in the crowd and chases after him. He erroneously assumed that the man had hid in the deserted pharmacy, and knocked on the door. Ro-seo replies and lies that she was inside with her lover, but as Young stares at her, trying to determine if she is being honest or not, he recognizes her eyes and realizes that she is the maniac he has been stalking. He makes his way inside, but Bew loses consciousness.

When Young wakes up, he is tied to a pole. Young acts like an angel on Ro-seo’s shoulder and encourages her to follow the law while staring at her with disapproving eyes, but Pyo hands Ro-seo a cup of liquor and demonically offers to pay for anything she drinks. Money wins, and she drinks her drink.

Sang Mok and his men passed the door with Chun Geum as their captive. Beau does a good one-on-one fight, but his guards show and even the numbers. Yong, still tied to the pole, begins to have flashbacks of a similar battle, but recovers from PTSD when Ro Seo frees him.

Sang Mok tries to stab Ro Seo, but Young grabs the blade of a knife to protect her. He is unable to hold off Sang-mok, so Ro-seo hit Sang-mok’s head and lost consciousness. They flee together, and Ro-seo helps clean the wound on his hand by the river. Young lectures her about following the law, but softens it a bit when she explains that she started brewing alcohol out of desperation.

Flashbacks come back, and he falls into the river. Ro-seo carries it home and takes care of it all night long. He is embarrassed when he wakes up holding her hand, but is later stunned when he imagines her execution for selling alcohol to the Crown Prince.

While Ro-seo searches for Chun-geum, she and Young hear Merchant Shim’s men searching for Sang-mok, who identifies Ro-seo as a smuggler. Young begins searching for Sang-mok, and So-yoo’s information suggests that he was seen with Giringak’s gisaengs the night he disappeared.

While So-yoo warns him to investigate Giringak because he is protected by VIPs who go there to drink illegally, the grandson of a drunken leftist state councilor stumbles and exits Gisaeng’s house and has a fight with Young. Recalling how Ro Siu pointed out the hypocrisy of the laws and those who enforce them, Young arrests him, but the leftist state counselor makes a deal with Shi Hume and resigns from his position in order to free his grandson.

Young, weary of his hypocrisy and Pew’s willingness to kill those who witnessed him violate Prohibition laws, so he writes a petition to the King, who resigns his position and exposes Pew’s illegal activities. Unfortunately, the petition called for the king and Chi-hum to “punish” Yong by reappointing him as Pyo’s teacher.

Meanwhile, Chun-geum finds Ro-seo and reveals that she has been holding Sang-mok. They tortured him, refusing to let him urinate until he reveals Merchant Shim’s plan to monopolize the smuggling trade in Hanyang, but once they get the information, they are not sure what to do with it.

Chun-geum thinks they should kill him with a poisonous mushroom, but Ro-seo gives him the option to live if he promises to forgo her family’s debts. Chun-geum does not trust Sang-mok and insists that they should feed him the poisoned porridge. As they argue, Young appears and inadvertently offers Sang-mok a chance to escape.

Ro-seo pursues him, but he stumbles and slips over the edge of a cliff. She grabs his hand to prevent him from falling, but she loses her grip on the tree she was using to anchor herself. When she and Sang-mok begin to fall to their deaths, Young holds her hand, and the episode ends with a cliffhanger.

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