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Our Beloved Summer: Episodes 7-8 Open the topic

Our characters debate their emotions and the after-effects of getting together, and we—along with our documentary writer—watch how they interact. But when poignant moments from the past reverberate into the present, our threads seem to have reached a tipping point.

Episodes 7-8 WEECAP

As always, our evolving narrative is largely based on the differing opinions of Yeon-su and Woong – whether we’ve been watching shots of her in high school, or seeing her nowadays – and the week’s theme escapes.

For Woong, escaping is how he avoids conflict, how he protects himself, and also how he focuses on himself (case in point: all those hours spent working like a hermit on those incredibly detailed drawings). In his words, “The best defense is escape.” We see him do it in the past, and then we see him do it in the present: escaping the embarrassment of his encounters with Yoon Soo. Instead of attending his Congkats party (those balloons!) after a successful live drawing event, he goes uninterrupted.

By contrast, we have Yoon Soo. Woong might use running away as his defense strategy, but Yeon-su boldly declares that, “cowards Run.” This is very fitting with what we know about her character… However when we catch up with her in our day, she’s also gone. This might be the single most telling thing to let us know that she’s been shaken by Woong.

With their subjects gone, Ji-woong is forced to do some staring at the entire documentary which seems to be missing some serious action. However, a terrified writer from their studio is able to solve the problem, and suggests Ji-woong take them away on a trip to get some good shots. The fact that there is something in between that complicates matters is a fact that is more and more difficult to deny. So, they are kidnapped (Na PD style?), and taken to a beautiful village where we hope good shots will be made of them.

Things didn’t go as planned with Woong, Yeon-su, and the docu, though, and I was definitely feeling the frustration of the PD team as they prepared pictures and asked all the right questions, but kept getting the best content in return.

What’s wrong, it seems, is the energy behind it all, and no one wants to tackle it. Woong is all about Yeon-su and how she handled him (and rightly, I would say); Yeon-su is upset by Woong’s reaction to her, and actively avoids him throughout the trip. And Ji Wong… He’s also in a strange place. The story he doesn’t want to tell (because narration means confession) is Woong and Yeon-su’s love story. It’s the content that will make the docu come alive, but it also seems (to me) that he’s holding back because of his secret feelings for Yeon-su. There are a few moments in which we notice her watching her, enjoying her presence, and he is very sad and sad.

However, none of these qualities apply to our other second introduction. NJ is the complete opposite, and we’re seeing more of her character in action this week, first with how she handles malicious commenters, and secondly with her swinging confession of Woong.

NJ is a fun character – she acts like she’s experienced and untouchable, but she’s really quite vulnerable, and it’s nice to see that side of her. I can’t imagine her crush on Woong going to end like she wants, so I’m curious what her character’s trajectory would look like. Right now, her presence in the plot is mostly to put pressure on Yeon-su, because who can compete with a cool (laser focused) idol?

Our show excels at mapping the past with the present, giving us so much emotional context that we hardly need a plot. This is exactly how the trip works – for example, it often echoes the trip that Wong and Yoon Soo took in Bass. On that trip, Woong was put down because he thought Yeon-su was breaking up with him again, while Yeon-su just wanted to spend some time with him before he left for school. The fact that Yeon-su first told him that she loved him on that trip is basically all Woong can think of at present. Despite all his mists, we know it’s just a mask to hide his still broken heart.

And so, Episode 8 moves through this beautiful escalation with a million flashing hints of sunset scenes and sudden showers — and sure enough, that’s where we meet our characters at the end of the episode.

Gloom finally turns to Woong, as he walks to the top of the hill where Yeon-su is waiting for the sunbathing. It is a beautiful sight, between rain, faint light and passion in the air. After a long stare, Woong pulled Yeon-su to kiss him, wondering if he was cursing, bewitched, or if he knew this was going to happen between them all the time. We treated ourselves to a montage of other moments in which the couple also shared a kiss. This is made even more beautiful because it’s moments we’ve already seen – but now we see how it climaxed.

As much as I’m happy about this beautiful, heart-wrenching moment between Yeon-su and Woong, it’s painfully clear that they haven’t resolved any of their issues yet – so this kiss isn’t the kiss to end their journey toward pairing.

Based on that observation, Woong does better than Yeon-su at being honest and expressing his frustrations. Yeon-su, being a type A character, is strangely conservative about him/her, so it will be interesting to see not only how they deal with the fallout from the kiss, but what it will take to put everything on the table and sort things out that separates them.

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