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Our Beloved Summer: Episodes 9-10 Open the topic

After their passionate, rain-soaked meeting, the couple started on a new foot. But it’s not the foot we were expecting. This new rating is riddled with a great deal of confusion and a refusal to be honest as we have come to expect from this pair. Their mouths say one thing. Their hearts say another.

Episodes 9-10 WEECAP

To my dismay (and also entertaining, because dramas like not to tell us things), we are honest don’t do Capture the beautiful kiss scene as we ended last week. We don’t even check leads in a helpful way either. Instead, we head first to our second trusted lead, Ji Wong.

Despite that, Ji Wong’s story still resonates with me. We see the wall he erected years ago, not only to hide his feelings for Yeon-su from her and Woong, but also from himself. The narrative is great here – we get an insight into his “tactics” like avoiding chance encounters with her, resisting his desire to be in her domain, and basically ostracizing everything with Yeon Soo. He says it’s a risk he can’t control. But at the same time, we see how current circumstances are pushing him toward her again, and he pretty much feels the energy he took to let go of him is starting to weigh on him. This part of the story is well told; I just love him.

Finally, we get back to potential clients, but we don’t get much – it’s just fever-drama and sleepless nights all around. The only clue we have is Eun Soo escaping from the scene, running into Ji Wong on top of the hill. What happened before? after? between the two? Will the drama tell us?

Wong has a fever, is comforted by his mother (very moving and adorable!), and eventually, he comes to a conclusion as he comes out of his cave. “I can’t go on without her in my life.” What a wonderful line. However, he also refuses to date her (to her face!) and has a wild suggestion: “Should we be friends?”

In fact, the friend zone doesn’t seem like a terrible idea to these two at the moment if it means some actual contact, but it comes at a terrible time for Yeon-su. She was staring at her navel and headed to Wong’s house to confess (ostensibly). or something. She at least knew she had feelings for him, and she admitted that to herself and Seol Yi.

And with that, my friends, the trolling begins! Instead of vehemently rejecting, Yeon-su becomes Woong’s “friend” as if someone had flipped a switch. She trolls him to death, calls him “chingu-ya”, invites herself to sleep, borrows his clothes, and basically tries to drive Wong crazy. Her real plan, of course, is to find out how he really feels when he’s a boyfriend. They were even caught by Ji-woong in their weird platonic sleep, which is a bit funny.

In the end, Yeon-su returns home, and is replaced by Ji-woong (he’d die if he knew he was taking her place on the sofa, using the same blankets she had used the night before). Poor Ji Wong is turned upside down by the arrival of his stray mother; He also has a hoobae at work that he adores, but doesn’t seem to notice.

Eun-soo comes up with a silly excuse to go back to Wong’s house to get her “precious pod” back, cementing the fact that we (and she) are really crushing on him. But Woong ended up bringing the bag for her, and after an awkward dinner with Grandma (omg the zucchini), Yeon-su and Woong already had something to think of for their first real moment together.

They are outside her house, Wong rubs his stomach, complaining about how much food he eats. The two share a laugh and a sweet moment, which is pretty cool. However, the takeaway for Woong is that they can be friends, while Yeon-su’s is how much she really likes him. As always, these two are not on the same page.

It wasn’t until that precious moment that Yeon-Su shared with her grandmother that the episode’s focus on mothers’ comfort really affected me. Earlier we saw Woong being breastfed by his mother and the tender moments they shared; Now, we see the same with Eun-soo and her mother’s personality, which is totally precious.

Then there is the contrast, and that is Ji Wong. He’s the character who misses that care and affection, and she’s already starting to show how much it affects him. We see the tough times he went through in the past, and how he always relied on crashing with Woong to escape dealing with his mother. I love these two boys as friends and how they support each other as much as they caress each other.

We see Woong offering a lending ear to Ji-woong in the present, but more importantly Ji-woong also confessed to some of his trials of Yeon-su as the episode ended. It’s his birthday, he just yells because his mom doesn’t even remember that he has a fatal allergy to peaches, and when he comes across Yeon-su on the street, he can’t back out.

It’s a direct contrast to the way we opened the previous episode: how he avoids it, and opens up about it. Now, finally, it does just that. And while we’re not quite sure where that will lead, it sure feels good for this boy to start tackling all the things that have been weighing on his heart.

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