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Are you ready to buy modern hanbok? Have you seen some of your favorite K-pop artists wearing hanbok? Or maybe you’re just getting ready for the holiday of Korean Thanksgiving, Korean Thanksgiving, or Seollal, the Lunar New Year. Whatever the reason, here’s everything you need to know to buy modern hanbok online. I have four hanbok myself, one traditional hanbok and three modern hanbok, and I’m willing to get you ready to buy your own hanbok. Traditional has become fashionable.

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A Brief History of Hanbok

Hanbok has its roots in the Three Kingdoms period in Korea from 57 BC to AD 668, although hanbok often seen for rent and purchase around Seoul are from the last dynasty in Korean history, the Joseon Dynasty that ruled from 1392 to 1910. Hanbok designed As an everyday wear, so the shape and simplicity of the roomy skirt and easy tie made it easy to move and work. By the 19th century, more Western imports meant that hanbok had fallen out of fashion in favor of Western-style suits and dresses.

Traditional Korean Wedding: American Wife and Korean Husband in Traditional Korean Hanbok, Multicultural Couple, Baebaek

Today, hanbok is usually only worn during it Traditional ceremonies such as Jesa during the Lunar New Year Chuseok and . holiday periods in the weddings. I personally wear hanbok throughout my Korean wedding but brides these days often wear a white western-style wedding dress and only wear Hanbok during Baebaek Includes a piggyback ride. Imagine jumping on your husbands in a tight white dress!

Although I own four hanbok myself, it is very common for people to rent hanbok before any holiday or wedding which is why there are so many rental shops all over Korea.

What is modern hanbok?

Modern hanbok, also known as everyday hanbok (생활), is what many people choose to wear these days because they tend to be more comfortable and easier to wear than traditional hanbok. I like my traditional hanbok, which is the one on the left above, but my everyday hanbok, like the one on the right, travels easier and is easy to wear and remove as well. Modern hanbok can come in a variety of shapes and colors now. What started as simply shortening the edges and using cotton over silk has expanded to include more options to follow trends or not.

Where to buy modern hanbok online

I have three modern hanbok myself. I got one in person and had it fitted and everything but the other two I got online. Just take a look at these awesome hanbok and then get your own hanbok! Here are the 6 best sites to buy modern hanbok online.


Gotita: Baby Hanbok, Dol Hanbok

Joteta is a great brand with Hanboks for kids, kids as well as women. We got the baby hanbok from Gotita (you can check out Review of baby Gotita Hanbok here) And she was just beautiful. They serve a beautiful selection of hanbok in a variety of colors, and the one we received was very well made. Joteta is a growing brand. When you originally got your little hanbok from them, they only had kids’ options, but now they have women’s options too, so keep your eyes on them to see what they add next! Junior hanbok is a bit more traditional but women’s hanbok is definitely the modern style of hanbok.

Where to buy Joteta Modern Hanboks: Modern women’s hanbok (prices range from $68.00 to $132.00), hanboks girl (prices range from $75.00 to $115.00); baby hanboks (prices range from $80.00 to $135.00)

Not for

Leesle is a modern Hanbok design company that you might recognize because some huge K-Pop artists have worn the designs. BTS, SHINee, and KARD have been spotted wearing Leesle designs. Be like K-pop stars. Get the modern hanbok for Lisle. One of the world’s most famous hanbok producers, they make some great quality pieces for both men and women.

Where to buy Leesle modern hanbok: Get Modern Hanbok from Lisle here.


Kooding has a variety of clothing products not just modern hanboks. As a Korean online shopping mall, they have a lot of variety. They also expand their choices of mainstream modern hanbok, but they also have modern hanbok-inspired clothing options. Kooding also carries Leesle Modern Hanboks, Danha Modern Hanboks, and other brands in one place so you can have it all in one place if you want to go that way.

Where to buy modern hanbok koding: Get a great look Here is Seoul’s modern hanbok (Danha Seoul are some cool and amazing modern hanbok that have been worn by a large number of K-pop artists.) Or you can check out some cool stuff Modern Hanbok Teterot.


This may surprise you, but you can find some pretty modern hanbok on Etsy. Etsy is known for promoting small businesses and handmade products. Make sure to read reviews before buying because every business out there is different but always get what you get on Etsy. As another site that brings together stores, you have a lot to choose from on Etsy. Enjoy searching!

Where to buy modern hanbok on Etsy: start with this Modern Hanbok on Etsy And see what else you like!

danha seoul

Danha seoul, modern hanbok

Photo by Danha Seol

Danha Seoul has some of the coolest modern hanbok I’ve seen and I’m not the only one who noticed. BLACKPINK even wore some of Danha Seoul’s creations in a music video. It is an eco-friendly brand that uses organic or recycled fabrics and uses traditional Korean crafting methods that reduce textile waste. There are pieces for both women, men and kids too!

Where to buy modern hanbok from Danha Seoul: Check out the beautiful Modern Hanbok from Danha Seoul.

korean in lee

A popular site for buying modern hanbok, there are modern hanbok for both men and women, as well as children. They have a fairly large selection that includes modern hanbok for men, women and children.

Where to buy korean hanbok in me: Check out all of Modern hanbok for women, men and children is here.

Is there the best site to buy modern hanbok? This depends on the type of method you want. Whether it’s a slightly more inclined or something bright and patterned, there’s a hanbok for you at one of those locations. Modern hanbok is a great choice for a more wearable option if you want to strut your stuff on city streets or attend an event. Hope you find the best hanbok for you!

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