Fun Facts Quiz of Squid Game (Part 2)

As far as I remember, out of the many Korean TV shows I watched in the past, most were dramas. However, there are different types of TV shows in the Korean market. modern korean tv show, Squid game (Oh-jing-ah-game: Squid game), is one of them. Set in a dystopian future, this series has become very popular.

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As promised in the previous post, I have more auditions inspired by the TV show, 오징어 게임 for you guys. If you did not have a chance to read the previous post, please take the time to read it. I promise you will not regret it. (

Let’s cut to the chase. Here are the rest of the tests for you today.

Quiz 4. What kind of food was it sangmun dong: Seong Gi-Hun (player #456) eats when he meets Young-geum-nim: old man, player number 001) back in a convenience store?

-> Player No. 456 was eating Side Dishes (Sol An Joo: Snack with drinks) with a can of beer. They were dry instant ramen noodles with ramen soup powder sprinkled over them. It’s not the healthiest food for you, but it’s inexpensive. After watching the show, you will find out why player number 456 eats this type of food.

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Test 5. What is the remote work application that a police officer, who Infiltrated the game as a guard, used to communicate with the boss?

-> 카카오 톡 (KakaoTalk) is the most used messaging app in Korea. Koreans even use this app to pay bills.

Sixth Exam: What is the name of the university that player #218 graduated from? What major did he study? And what does that mean in Korean society?

-> Player #218 falls into the category of the so-called “elite” in Korea. 서울 대학교 (Seoul University) is the most prestigious university in South Korea. Department of Business Administration (Kyung-young-hook-kwah)Business Administration) is a major offer promising a bright future. Furthermore, player was #218 First Acceptance (soo-suk-ip-hak)To be accepted into a school at the head of the class. This is why player 456 calls him the smart guy on the show. Although you can tell if he is a real smart guy in life or not.

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Quiz 7. What do you call a lunch box in Korean where everyone received a cold meal after a game?

-> It’s called A Yang Yun Doh Si RakNickel silver lunch box. I think this lunch box is a symbol of hard-working Koreans in the 60’s before the recent economic success.

Quiz 8. Rank the guards from highest to lowest in width using the shapes on the face masks.

->square (ne-moh): a square) Administrative staff are supposed to be. se mo: triangle) are supposed to be soldiers. circle (dong-gue-ra-mi): circle) supposed to be workers.

9th Exam: The main characters of the show often say this term cohl: communicate). what does that mean?

-> means ‘deal’. It’s broken English, but it’s commonly used in Korean slang conversation.

Exam 10. What is the school food service system that most Korean children will have during their school years?

-> It is Milk (woo-you: milk) meal (geup-sik): food service). I had 우유 daily for 6 years in elementary school. They were mostly whole white milk, but we often had a few cans of strawberry or chocolate flavored milk. I remember that I preferred chocolate milk to strawberry flavored milk.

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Exam 11. What is the total prize for the game?

-> If I remember correctly, it was 456 억 (sah-baek-oh-sip-yuk-uk-won: 38 billion US dollars). That’s a lot of money. Do you think it’s a coincidence that the show installed 1 player number 456 in the game?

Exam 12. Why is player number 212 (Han Mi-nyeo) angry at player number 101 (장덕수: Jang Deuk Soo when he called her Auntie (ah-zoom-mah): Mrs. or Mrs.)?

-> 아줌마 can literally mean madam, madam or middle-aged woman. This word can be used offensively depending on the circumstances or with the specific tone of voice of the speaker. Thus, watch your body language when you are communicating with someone.

Exam 13. What emergency numbers did the police officer call when he found a phone in the room?

->112 (il-il-ee: one-one-two) is the number assigned to the police in Korea. 119 (the-goo: one – one – nine) is the number needed to request assistance in Korea.

Not sure if there will be more episodes coming out in the future. I hope this post will give you some time to have fun as well as a chance to delve deeper into Korean culture.

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