Goblin Flag’ Tops Early Reservations @ HanCinema

According to figures released by the Korean Film Council, “Pirate: Imp Flag” It leads all other films in terms of early bookings at the South Korean box office. The benchmark was met on January 17, nine days before the film was released widely in theaters in South Korea. “Pirate: Imp Flag” side by side “Kingmaker” They are the only major releases for January 26th, and are expected to dominate movie sales this Lunar New Year holiday.


“Pirate: Imp Flag” It is the sequel to the 2014 hit movie “Pirate” who starred Kim Nam Gil And Son Ye Jin in leadership roles. None of the cast has returned to the new movie featuring Kang Ha Neul And Han Hyo Joo It also leads. Both films deal with thugs in the Joseon era trying to restore a royal seal. In the first movie, he swallowed a seal whale. It is not yet clear where the seal is in the second film, or whether the two films are in the same continuity.

Written by William Schwartz

William Schwartz

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