Grafen Root Booster Tonic Review

Are you looking for a refreshing hair tonic that prevents hair loss? This is Grafen Root Booster Tonic that is made with a natural herb complex.

Aside from the Grafen Root Booster and Edge Finger (shampoo brush) shampoo I use, I also got a tonic from Shopee. When I was looking for some hair care products, I saw that Grafen products have a lot of good reviews and they are the #1 brand of holistic care in Korea.

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Benefits of using Grafen Root Booster Tonic

A clean and refreshing hair tonic that contains natural ingredients that prevent hair loss. It is known as the best anti-hair loss product with a natural herbal complex that improves the volume of the roots.

It lowers scalp temperature and improves scalp moisture. Contains ingredients extracted from plants, keratin, and 17 kinds of amino acids. It does not contain artificial dyes and fragrances that are beneficial to hair.

It is highly recommended for people who:

  • She has greasy and greasy hair
  • You have an itchy and irritated scalp
  • bad hair loss

complete ingredients

Texture and smell

It is watery and has a transparent color. It has a strong herbal mint scent which I think is not suitable for women.


It comes in a neat white and green box where directions, ingredients, warnings and uses are written. The bottle comes in green, 160ml PET bottle with spray pump and cap.

how to use

  1. After the product is shaken enough, spray or apply an appropriate amount evenly on the scalp.
  2. Pat it lightly and massage it in with your fingers to allow it to absorb the hair tonic.

Hint: Spray Grafen Root Booster Tonic into the scalp rather than your hair strands. Use every day for best result.

honest review!

I was using this Graphene Root Booster Shampoo & Tonic Its been almost a week now and I can say it helps reduce my hair fall. So I’m thinking more if I keep using it. I have seen from other users also that it works well and they are quite satisfied.

The only thing I don’t like with the tonic is that it leaves a strong scent on my hair. I hate strong scents because they cause sensitivity to fragrance. But for other people who are not sensitive like me, I think it is good to use it especially for those who have hair loss issues.

Apart from that for me I think it’s a bit expensive for 1550 pesos. But when we talk about effectiveness, quality and ingredients of course, its price is lower compared to other hair products. It’s also not a bad thing to invest in your hair to buy some good products like Grafen.

For more details, you can also check the button below from SHOPEE PH.


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