H Mart – Korean grocery store in Philadelphia on Maangchi.com

This is the best place near my home to get Korean ingredients and it’s hiding in plain sight. I discovered it a few months ago after living in the area a total of 12 years. It’s huge and there’s everything you’d need in this store. Everything from fresh produce and the finest poultry to kitchenware and even skincare.There’s even a wine and beer section that is huge inside and extremely fancy.You’ll be able to cook all your favorite authentic korean dishes at home after visiting here. No more ordering ingredients from Amazon hoping that you’ve ordered the right things or wondering if they’ll be delivered safely.

I love this place so much that it’s literally my second home. Everyone that works here is super friendly. There’s multilingual employees for additional help. Nothing is confusing or hard to find. It’s covid safe. Handicap accessible and the bakery and food court keeps things booming.

I’ve been able to finally make those Korean dishes I’ve always wanted since discovering this place and I can’t wait to keep cooking my favorite Korean and Chinese meals. Everyone should visit this place just for the experience. I recommend wearing a comfortable pair of shoes because this place is big and takes time to walk and look at everything.

Happy cooking!!

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