Han Ji-eun and Hong Jong-hyun to Lead Star in TVING’s ‘Ants Are Riding’ @ HanCinema

actors Han Ji Yeon And hong jong hyun Starring in the original drama TVING “The ants are riding”.


TVING announced on the fifth of it Han Ji YeonAnd hong jong hyunAnd Jung Moon SungAnd Kim Sun Young And Jang Gwang | They were selected for the original drama “The ants are riding”.

“The ants are riding” It is Korea’s first stock market drama, a human comedy drama about people with different stories to tell, who join the stock market, meet in the stock market, gather and realize life is on the way.

Han Ji Yeon He plays Yoo Mi-seo, the bride and groomer of the stock market who has experienced failure by investing in stocks. hong jong hyun He plays Choi Seon-woo, a convenience store worker who rides in a luxury car.

Jung Moon Sung is being Kang San, “fritter” that only works until it saves the target amount of money. Kim Sun Young He plays Jeong Hae-ja, a famous restaurant owner and Jang Gwang | Ho Kim Jin Bae, an English teacher who invests in stocks after his retirement.

Drama directed by Choi Ji Young III Written by Lim Yeon Soo.

It is premiering later this year.


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