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In this episode I began to theorize about explaining the mystery behind Inspector Ryo’s distorted memories. For a split second, the opening title of “bad and crazy” It seems to read as bad, evil, crazy. So I thought, what if K isn’t the only split character? What if this mysterious, mysterious figure of Inspector Ryoo is actually Inpsector Ryoo himself? What if he uses Inspector Ryo’s identity and connections to destroy for destruction’s sake?


Boss Yong’s appearance in the latter part of this episode seemed to support this. She had no idea what was going on with the medication being dispensed, only realizing that whoever keeps leaking it doesn’t report it. This makes sense, for all the reasons discussed earlier. Money-paid criminals may want to stay low for now to avoid the scrutiny of a police investigation.

And murders focused on children are also meaningless in the context of Boss Young’s empire. Yet as we look at it, none of the murders, past or present, has any clear broad motive. People who are constantly being killed may be scammers, but they are the kind of scum where no one cares much about whether they live or die. Patrolman Oh and Detective Yang must play a bodyguard against one of these villains. If Boss Yong wants any of these people dead, there are more effective means of doing so than getting kids hooked on drugs and doing blackout freaks.

But as you already know by now, my theory about the existence of a third character was completely wrong. The real villain ends up being a much more boring character, making use of a wide variety of means that I can’t take seriously as a threat to the police of Boss Young’s criminal empire. Perhaps an impressive explanation of his backstory is given in the next two episodes, but I kind of doubt that.

This is where we are. A potentially inventive and intriguing story about shattered brain chemistry, with hints that K is actually there to protect Inspector Ryo from his alter ego, is eliminated so that “bad and crazy” It could instead focus on a more stereotypical, hyper-competent villain. The resulting story isn’t bad, but it lacks much of the impact it made “bad and crazy” Very exciting in the first place – the battle for Inspector Ryo’s sense of self.

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“bad and crazy” directed by Yoo Seon Dong, written by Kim Sae is goodand features Lee Dong WookAnd Wee Ha JunAnd Han Ji YeonAnd Cha Hak YeonAnd Kang Ae SimAnd Kim Dae Gun. Broadcasting info in Korea: 12/17/2021~ Broadcasting now, Fri, Sat 22:40 on tvN.


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