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Detective Lee is the sole survivor of the mysterious ambush that killed Society member Doh – as are all of the other characters in the prison truck, except for Detective Lee herself, obviously. This makes it the prime suspect. Inspector Ryo, he’s a coward, he doesn’t want to get involved any more. But K promises to relinquish control of Inspector Ryo’s body if Inspector Ryo can get it out of prison. For once, Inspector Ryo is determined to be a good cop.


With so few suspects, Chief Detective Li was likely inevitable Captain Kim He will appear as a suspicious person. In previous reviews I have misleadingly referred to him as Officer Kim. Until now it was not so clear Captain Kim He had a higher rank than any of the other policemen he dealt with. iQiyi’s translation is also starting to get on my nerves because they can’t seem to decide whether to call our main character Inspector Ryo or Inspector Ryo. I’ve seen them use both.

Anyway, no matter what we call it, Inspector Ryo manages to solve the case of who sold the location of the prison truck and why. But he doesn’t know everything, and what we’ve basically learned so far is that there are a huge number of characters with competing agendas, and many of them have to die in order to clean up this mess. As a cop, and more importantly a corrupt cop, Inspector Ryo is less consumable than the other characters.

Patrolman Oh was only able to return now because the forces conspiring to make him the scapegoats were deemed less useful by their superiors at the bottom of the series. But for Detective Lee, the situation is still bleak. I love how World Building makes these false accusations totally plausible, because corruption is an undeniable problem in the police force. It’s long been rumored that K resurfaced in part because of it, and we even get more hints here about our deeper childhood trauma.

After watching the first episode of “tracking” Yesterday the difference in tone was especially stark. The sheer speed with which Inspector Ryo can talk himself out of trouble, to K’s disgust, underscores how Inspector Ryo has agreed to become part of the Corruption simply because he’s so endemic. This gives “bad and crazy” A sarcastic yet sarcastic bite is well complemented by the exceptional fight scenes as usual and the humor provided by Inspector Ryo’s alter ego.

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“bad and crazy” directed by Yoo Seon Dong, written by Kim Sae is goodand features Lee Dong WookAnd Wee Ha JunAnd Han Ji YeonAnd Cha Hak YeonAnd Kang Ae SimAnd Kim Dae Gun. Broadcasting info in Korea: 12/17/2021~ Broadcasting now, Fri, Sat 22:40 on tvN.


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