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In a semi-accidental twist, this episode details the mysterious story of Yeong-joo (played by park seo yoon), a high school student who apparently killed her abusive father. Inspector Ryo and his crew of fellow investigators investigate the case as if it were a one-time event. As they can see, Yeong-joo is only relevant insofar as it is a potential source for their attempt to locate the powerful drug-driving drug in the previous story.


But the similarities between Yeong-joo’s experiences and those of Inspector Ryoo as a child are getting harder to shake. Only at the end of the episode did Inspector Ryo find indisputable evidence that Yeong-joo was specifically trying to send a message to him. However, everything up to that point is very alarming. The multiple visits to the ominous parlour of his father’s death were so disturbing that even K loses his sense of humor.

Then there’s Joo-hyeok (played by Jung Sung Il), a psychiatrist whose professional behavior makes Inspector Ryo uncomfortable. To the frustration and frustration of Chief Inspector Ryo, he can’t pinpoint the cause. On the one hand, the coincidences lined up to put Joo-hyeok in contact with both Inspector Ryoo and Yeong-joo couldn’t be ignored. But why does Joo-hyeok seem so useful?

Then again, this may not be as positive as it seems. The main mystery of Yeong-joo’s case is that it’s fairly clean. Most killers do not make videos directed at anyone showing them committing the evil act as well as confessing it. Yeong-joo is generally a frustrating character to watch, because she always looks and acts like a doll. Her personal motive for wanting to kill her father is indisputable. However, the whole situation was portrayed as a sick game.

The biggest explanation for these events appears to be gas tampering. This meant that Yeong-joo was perplexed to commit these acts by unknown people, who might have used the hot new mysterious drug among other means to delude Yeong-joo into believing that she was in a nefarious dream realm. I’ve always wondered why villains are in the end “bad and crazy” It came from Russia, and it seems most likely that there is an actual explanation of what is probably connected to how and why Inspector Ryo himself underwent a similar experiment some twenty years ago. For now, though, the mist of mystery was controlling itself enough.

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“bad and crazy” directed by Yoo Seon Dong, written by Kim Sae is goodand features Lee Dong WookAnd Wee Ha JunAnd Han Ji YeonAnd Cha Hak YeonAnd Kang Ae SimAnd Kim Dae Gun. Broadcasting Information in Korea: 12/17/2021~ Broadcasting now, Fri, Sat 22:40 on tvN.

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