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Apparently, Ji Wong’s mother (played by park mi hyun)Dies. In terms of general narrative, Ji Wong’s mother has never been a particularly important figure, except perhaps by omission. We can see why Ji-woong was so envious of Woong’s life, given that Ji-woong didn’t have a loving family like Woong. So Ji-woong is mostly indifferent to his mother’s regression, and has enough self-awareness to realize that this makes him appear sociopathic.


As usual, “Our beloved summer” He has an interesting idea kernel. Ji Wong’s mother may not have been abusive, but she was so chronically depressed and alcoholic that she wasn’t a role model in adult relationships. But nothing has been done with this concept. The mostly irrelevant character-building flashback this time around at the seafood market where Ji-woong misfired only once really proves that Ji-woong is non-confrontational and cold-hearted, which we already knew.

There are just bits and pieces of the plot here that are too vague in outline to have any kind of effect. The penultimate episode of the drama also features some appearances from other abandoned plot hooks. Noo-ah explains that it was real plagiarism the whole time. I am more convinced than ever that the screenwriter Lee Nayun I He has no idea what plagiarism actually is. Drawing something similar to what your classmate is drawing isn’t plagiarism, it’s literally how you learn to do art at all.

Such an attitude might explain the drama’s strange reticence towards developing any of its stories, since any fully developed story will inevitably resemble other fully developed storylines. Even the central love story between Woong and Yeon-soo is not considered a story. I’m not sure that anything they do in this episode has anything to do with anything else they’ve done in any other episode. It’s just some random tidbits about a boyfriend and girlfriend hanging out together.

“Our beloved summer” Emphasize the importance of the aesthetic above almost anything that can make a story a little catchy. I paid disproportionate attention to NJ’s hair style here simply because it was so distinctly different from anything else seen so far. I guess I’ve already forgotten what the NJ arc was supposed to be, and I’m not sure if it’s actually written in a bracket or if the direction is too steep Roh Jeong EuiA performance that just gave an impression of her acting.

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“Our beloved summer” directed by Kim Yeon Jin I, written by Lee Nayun Iand features Choi is imminentAnd Kim Da MiAnd Kim Sung CheolAnd Roh Jeong EuiAnd Ahn Dong JooAnd Park Won Sang. Broadcast information in Korea: 12/06/2021 ~ 01/25/2022, Mon, Tue 22:00 on SBS.

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