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No Ah (played by Kwak Dong Yeon) is Woong’s competitor in art. That’s a very nice word for her, accusing Noo-ah Woong of plagiarism. His exact motives are unclear, given that we know Woong did not commit plagiarism, as the alleged piece is based on an influence back in his high school days, witnessed by Yeon-soo. Although this whole story is presented with great urgency, nothing really comes of it. “Our beloved summer” Almost immediately, he joins the backstory of Ji-woong’s long friendship with Woong.


My main problem with “Our beloved summer” As usual, it’s mainly about editing. The drama will briefly interest me in only one subject to turn completely into another almost unrelated subject. Noo-ah himself never shows up again after the party. instead of Lee Jun Hyuk, who is still credited as a special appearance in lieu of a supporting cast, apologizes to Woong for the entire questionable ethics of forcing Woong to work alongside the man who is throwing a cloud over his reputation.

I kinda hope so “Our beloved summer” He will try to deal with the professional ethics of what Director Jang has done. It was intentionally hostile to expect Woong to work with Noo-ah without prior notice. But instead, the entire apology scene inevitably goes to how Woong still has unresolved feelings for Yeon-soo. The drama then practically makes fun of me by making Director Jang himself say that of course everyone except Woong himself already knows this.

Because that includes the viewer! Why is so much time spent on all this redundant material? To make matters more disturbing, we also forced the documentary film crew to struggle with more scenes of the subjects trying to capture for the camera. In the first place, the documentary film crew should not suffer. It’s their job to take a lot of shots, most of which are incredibly boring. Second, all of these scenes make our main characters seem obnoxious.

Take the Sol-i stand with the big party making the reservation, ordering the octopus, then canceling. Nominally this is a situation where we have to watch Sol-i with sympathy, however it manages to be so annoying and there’s no way to pity it. I have the same problem with almost every character in “Our beloved summer” Where characterization that should be sympathetic in theory is tedious in implementation.

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“Our beloved summer” directed by Kim Yeon Jin I, written by Lee Nayun Iand features Choi is imminentAnd Kim Da MiAnd Kim Sung CheolAnd Roh Jeong EuiAnd Ahn Dong JooAnd Park Won Sang. Broadcasting info in Korea: 12/06/2021~ It’s now broadcasting, Mon-Tuesday 22:00 on SBS.

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