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Min Kyung (played by Lee Seon Hee) is a screenwriter and Ji-woong has a deliberately bad history with him. Despite her inherently simple role, Min Kyung captured me almost immediately by repeating the same criticism I was giving. “Our beloved summer” All this time. The documentary Ji-woong he’s trying to shoot doesn’t have any clear point. And where Ji-woong sees a crisis in the disappearance of his main subjects, Min-kyeong sees an opportunity because there must be a reason why they inexplicably escaped.


“Our beloved summer” He always had this embarrassing problem. Flashbacks are by far the strongest parts of the show… however they are, by definition, not relevant to the premise. The documentary film crew has no access to flashbacks. So Woong’s opening story about his life’s propensity to run away is pretty exhilarating as usual. It tells a story about how special he is. But in a flashback, Wong’s penchant for evasiveness is played more ambiguously as a real flaw.

Yeon-soo has the same flaw, which is interesting enough. This is why they both run away at the same time, for similar reasons, but they manage to face each other again just like they did in high school because they find solace in the library. They are important commonalities between the two, though the motivations are different. Yeon-soo sees the library as a means of self-improvement, while Woong sees it as a means of relaxing imagination.

Outside these struggles a story “Our beloved summer” on questionable grounds. We get a whole subplot about the New Jersey Tolerance Program for people who make malicious comments about it online. The idea that New Jersey can identify these people is oddly dystopian. Thanks to Roh Jeong Eui She could make a sympathetic New Jersey in such a situation, because on her face the subplot of the coal donation looks so frivolous and vengeful. Random comments on the internet do not actually cause harm to her career.

Although I wasn’t convincing, I found the whole subplot of Eun-ho and Sol-i doing a party favor without anything to celebrate to be totally adorable. with “Our beloved summer” Near the midpoint, this seems like a very odd time to introduce a potential romantic subplot, and this probably isn’t actually going anywhere, but I still find the whole story to be very cute. Especially since, in general, none of these characters have had much to do so far.

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“Our beloved summer” directed by Kim Yeon Jin I, written by Lee Nayun Iand features Choi is imminentAnd Kim Da MiAnd Kim Sung CheolAnd Roh Jeong EuiAnd Ahn Dong JooAnd Park Won Sang. Broadcasting info in Korea: 12/06/2021~ It’s now broadcasting, Mon-Tuesday 22:00 on SBS.

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