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Previously, Woong and Yeon-soo were kidnapped by their friends and dragged to a secluded hut in a rural area. The idea, which led me to believe, was to provide a more compelling environment for the production of documentary footage. But despite Min Kyung criticizing the absurdity of the documentary in the previous episode, the production of the documentary is still pointless. Ji-woong claims there’s a more emotional approach now – but there’s little evidence of a meaningful change in direction.


“Our beloved summer” She is constantly her own enemy like this. The compelling story is the romance between Woong and Yeon-soo, and the mystery of their past relationship and their downfall. All the other elements of the story are intertwined with that in often arbitrary ways that don’t make much sense. The documentary that forces Woong and Yeon-soo out into the countryside makes sense for their love story, but does almost nothing for the plot of the documentary itself.

The moments of the love story continue. Much of the opening details are an earlier breakup attempt. I really appreciate the nuance of the groundbreaking performance. Although it looks mostly the same, it’s always easy to tell what we’re into in their lives from one scene to the next. Yeon-soo is always on guard, but she clearly misses Wong in a flashback. This is a noticeable change nowadays, as Yeon-so’s tough stance trumps everything else, and even Woong wouldn’t admit to anything if he thought she was close.

The story of their reconnection is interesting in terms of its merits. But there is not much you can go for. In fact, with a lot of “Our beloved summer” So it’s clear that before they get back together, it’s hard to know what other stories the drama can tell. We’re halfway there and almost every new hook is abandoned almost immediately. NJ has already returned to wandering around looking for Woong without any other apparent motive.

This episode at least made a reasonable decision to continue the romantic subplot of Eun-ho with Sol-i, both of whom are constantly flirting. chemistry between Ahn Dong Joo And park jin yes So well, it could have been, and probably should have served as the actual anchor of the plot, with their interactions being used as a way to force Woong and Yeon-soo to spend more time together.

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“Our beloved summer” directed by Kim Yeon Jin I, written by Lee Nayun Iand features Choi is imminentAnd Kim Da MiAnd Kim Sung CheolAnd Roh Jeong EuiAnd Ahn Dong JooAnd Park Won Sang. Broadcasting info in Korea: 12/06/2021~ It’s now broadcasting, Mon-Tuesday 22:00 on SBS.

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