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Dong Joo (played by Im Si Wan) is the tax collector. He was initially presented as having deep issues regarding his father Chul Min (played by park ho san), who committed tax fraud that destroyed the family. This is despite the fact that Chul Min himself seems to be a somewhat pathetic character. Dong-joo seems somewhat heartless in his pursuit of justice, although he’s still better than almost any other character in the revenue service, as it’s hard to tell if they’re corrupt or just lazy.


“tracking” It’s surprisingly dreary and depressing like that. Sure enough, we finally reach the exciting climax, where Dong-joo comes with a hammer to a high-ranking search, having done enough homework to figure out where the money is most likely to be hidden. But this whole scene was prefaced by a corrupt old man of the company, making the cops look like clowns, and his angry employees looking like liars.

I can’t help but mention “Squad 38” since five years. At the time, South Korea’s morale regarding the government’s interest and ability to pursue rich tax fraud was incredibly low, which made the topic relevant. Today it’s still really low. Perhaps worse than it was at the time. where “Squad 38” It can be at least an optimist in the sense that there is nowhere to go but to climb, “tracking” It is a stark reminder that the situation has not, in fact, improved.

The political content of South Korean TV shows centered around tax collection is not the most exciting material, I know, but in general “tracking” Suffers from not having much work. Aside from Dong-joo’s father and the aforementioned elderly crook, most of the plot here has only been spent on office politics. Hye Young (played by go ah sungShe spends most of her time getting a little more annoyed enough to eventually quit.

She can’t do that, of course, because the story is just getting started and it took her some time even to meet Dong-joo. But that’s another problem – the almost negligible interaction between Im Si Wan and its notable stars. With opening ratings of 7.4%, “tracking” Clearly, it will likely be successful. But I doubt the drama can really go that far, especially when international distributors lack confidence in the concept that there is still no official English language version available to stream anywhere.


“tracking” directed by Lee Seung Young, written by Kim Hyun Jeong 4thand features Im Si WanAnd go ah sungAnd Son Hyun JooAnd Park Young WooAnd Park Ji IlAnd Cho Sang Mi. Broadcasting information in Korea: 01/07/2022 ~ Now showing, Friday, Saturday 21:50 on MBC, WAVVE.


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