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Shooting a movie that focuses on a double agent, with a noir approach always seems like a good idea, because both are very popular with the average audience. However, Lee Won Se It completely spoils his novel, which soon becomes incomprehensible, which leads to a film that does not know where to turn. Let’s take things from the beginning.


Kim Jong-won, the one-armed protagonist who gave his name to the film, finds himself between two opposing parties. On the other hand, the guerrilla communists in the Taebaek Mountains, headed by Lim Chung-ja, who has feelings for him despite the fact that he has a wife and children, and the Special Investigation Bureau, which aims to eliminate the communists, and who becomes his man in charge, Choi Won-ha, A good friend at last, despite the difficult start of their meeting. Throughout, he plays a number of other suspicious characters on both sides, including Kim Sam-ryong, whom he mischievously considers a somewhat suspicious character. Jung Won must ultimately choose between the two factions, but also between friendship and love.

The main concept and especially the place in which Kim Jong-won finds himself is rather interesting, with the duality of his dilemma offering many opportunities for Lee Won Se To analyze each of his characters and the meaning of the ordeal. However, with the exception of the ending, which actually goes down intense melodramatic paths again, it does the exact opposite, essentially creating a story that begins abruptly, continues in the most confusing way especially in terms of the timeline, and ends up in the most generic way possible. The aforementioned confusion owes much to the editing of Yu Jae-Won, whose stories are so surprising that it is very difficult to understand what is happening or even where it is happening. The one in which Jung Won (?) hides in a hotel with mischief that ends up being his companion (who indulges the concubines there in another completely out of context attempt at humor) but eventually finds themselves in the mountains, prisoners of guerrilla warfare, is testimony on narrative issues. Choong-ja’s role and the timeline of her on-screen actions are also somewhat confusing, which ultimately leads to a pointless storyline. Finally, the protagonist’s being one-handed seems to play no part in the story at all, in an almost absurd concept.

However, the movie has a few things working for it. Joe Noir in particular, as dictated by the character of the hero, the fact that his final choice is never clear, and the way a number of characters with questionable affiliations appear works perfectly well, as do the few action scenes. You Young-gil’s cinematography is very good on occasions, both in the stifling atmosphere of offices and small rooms, and in the open in the mountains, where the scene of a possible execution is among the film’s most memorable. finally, park kun hyung The role of the protagonist is sometimes captivating, with the initial scene where he finds himself trapped and his interactions with Choi Won Ha quite impressive.

Despite these pros however, the common sense “Private Investigator, One Arm Kim Jong Won” The foliage is so bad, that it is difficult to realize who did the worst job: the director, the screenwriter or the editor. Basically a show only for extreme cinema buffs.

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“Private Investigator, One Arm Kim Jong Won” directed by Lee Won Seand features park kun hyungAnd Woo Yeon JeongAnd Lee Chi WooAnd Moon Oh JangAnd Lee Jong ManAnd Kim Nam Il. Release date in Korea: 10/11/1975.


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